Product Designer

Track24 was established back in 2004. Haven’t heard of us? That’s probably no surprise to us seeing as our technology is mainly and widely used by large multinationals, government agencies and NGOs. Whilst we may be a secret on the streets at present, our safety procedures are covertly saving thousands of lives globally. Consider us unsung heroes, working hard to ensure hardship doesn’t happen. We don’t need to be considered a household name, our success shows that in abundance in itself. Although, as we continue to transition, bringing smarter technologies to our existing range and expanding into a new, revolutionary product we’re introducing to the market, we’re sure you’ll have heard of us soon.

But enough about us.. The next thing I’m sure you’re wondering is exactly what we’re looking for and asking of you? Well, here at Track24 we take pride in our employees just as much as we do our products. We’re looking for an innovative Product Designer to join our Products Team and work alongside the management team to help them take our upcoming product to launch… So firstly, would you regard yourself as an avid problem solver, empathetic and, an articulate communicator and champion for our users? Secondly, do you want to be able to say you were a part of the team and played a central role in taking a brand new world class, cutting edge SAAS product through Beta trials and launch to the market? Thirdly, would you strive to evidence and build interfaces so intuitive that our users don’t need walkthroughs and it simply slips into their existing way of life? If so, keep reading..

We pride ourselves at being the very best at what we do. There’s a reason we have and service over 120 clients Worldwide, from Global Enterprises and NGO’s to Media Firms and the Armed Forces. We know and believe in our products and the ability for them to outperform any competition within the market. However, our products are only as good as the attention, dedication and support our employees ouse. Without each and every one of them, we wouldn’t be where we are. Our team is mirrored through our products because without them, we wouldn’t have the initiatives, innovation or integrity that is required to make us world class. Therefore, with a world class product; we expect and process world class candidates.

Requirements for us; Our Ideal Candidate

We’re looking for an ambitious Product Designer to support a back log of work that will make the end user experiences for our products a positive one. With preferable experience in a tech based environment, along with the qualities mentioned below to work collaboratively in a fast-paced environment.

The preferred candidate would fit the following descriptions:

  • Experience as a product or user experience designer.
  • Expertise in UI design and rapid prototyping tools (we primarily use Figma).
  • Awareness of web technologies and languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (including React) to ease communication and hand-off with the Engineering Team.
  • Passion about all things related to product design and crafting the best experiences for our customers, including the ability to champion this both within the organisation and externally through blog posts or news articles.
  • You will own design problems end to end, from problem discovery and definition through to solution development and delivery.
  • Work with Product to define user problems and clearly articulate the requirement (not just translate requirements to design).
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative user research, including user interviews and surveys to identify user pain points and unmet needs.
  • Analyse qualitative and quantitative user research, succinctly presenting key findings to relevant stakeholders.
  • Map user journeys and identify jobs to be done.
  • Plan and run design studio workshops both internally with our team and externally with our clients.
  • Articulate and present user problems to the wider company to help build up empathy and understanding across the company of our users and their problems.
  • Rapidly iterate design concepts, moving from low-fidelity sketches through to high-fidelity prototypes as needed.
  • Conduct usability tests to identify user pain points or confusion with your designs and the existing product.
  • Collaborate with the Engineering Team to take your designs from concept to implementation.
  • Work with Product to measure the impact of your designs in order to rapidly iterate and create the best product possible for our users.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to organise and run interviews with external stakeholders, from junior staff to senior executives.
  • A love of solving problems and the confidence to challenge others when you see a better way; you are able to seek out feedback and take constructive criticism of your work gracefully.
  • Self motivation and the ability to work independently on design problems yet also the ability to work in a collaborative team environment where everyone is focused on creating real value for our clients.
  • A portfolio demonstrating user-centred design solutions for mobile and desktop, ideally including for SAAS web platforms.
  • We are open to candidates from all educational backgrounds, whether purely design, humanities, engineering or sciences. We’re looking for candidates with a deep empathy for people and a real passion for technology.

Requirements from us; Benefits and What We Offer In Return

  • The products we build matter: people rely on our software and often trust us with their lives. If you want to go home knowing you’ve made a difference too and heavily impacted the security and safety of someone’s life; we guarantee you’ll go to bed with that ticked off on your to do daily.
  • The team you will be joining. We create amazing products that are used in some of the highest risk locations around the globe by some of the world’s most important companies and organisations to keep their people and assets safe, engaged and informed. From helping major corporations keep their employees safe and informed during the London terror attacks, to providing remote advice, support and directions to a journalist on the front-lines of a recent conflict, to keeping lone workers safe and supported when the nearest person could be a day’s journey away.
  • A rapidly growing and expanding business offering superb opportunities for the future. With our current client base and the building prospects readily waiting in anticipation for our upcoming product to launch; you won’t find a more energetic, empowering or enthusiastic team to join.
  • A great office working environment with an open plan office, sitting close to your team members in the heart of London. With 3 days spent working from the office and 2 days working from home each week. You will also work closely with our team in our Dubai office with opportunities to visit for deeper collaboration.
  • You’ll work with a team that’s developed world class products that are used on a daily basis by some of the world’s premier companies and organisations to help keep their staff safe.
  • Increased use of automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a more personalised and efficient experience for our users.
  • 25 days annual leave
  • Personal development opportunities.
  • A competitive salary amongst our competitors in the market.
  • We strongly believe in the value of growing a diverse team and encourage people of all backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, abilities, and sexual orientations to apply.

If you’re interested in the above and know you’re the top class talent we’re missing, apply below.

We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully having you onboard the epic journey we’re embarking on.

The Track24 Team.