Product Designer

Full-Time Anywhere

In short: Remote full-time position. €50-60k, stock options package. A very mission driven team that has a lot of fun while being at it.

💡Interested? Apply by sending your CV, portfolio or say hi at

We don’t believe in boring job descriptions. They all sound the same. Let’s try to make this more fun.

What we are looking for

You will be our first Product Designer and will shape the core experience of our apps and define how users will interact in new and better ways with journalistic content. You will work on the native mobile applications, define the UI, work on the UX, and start shaping our first design system.

That’s you

  • You think holistically in terms of interaction (UX) and visual (UI) no matter where your skills weigh in more to ensure a coherent and great experience
  • You’ve worked in product development and are skilled with platform specific patterns
  • You enjoy building a product from scratch and are highly involved in the design & research process
  • You love building pixel perfect experiences. This is a UI heavy position and we look to find someone to help build our unique UI from the ground up
  • You care about details & quality to level up the experience be it visually or with motion
  • You are curious and love to expand your horizon to find the right solution for the task ahead

That would be great to have

  • Experience in early stage companies and small teams
  • Experience working in an diverse and interdisciplinary team
  • You trust the iteration process and don’t mind refinements
  • You use the right methods & approaches to accelerate design decisions

💡 We do not expect that you check everything on this list. If some of this applies and you want to grow, gain more experience and create meaningful impact we definitely would love to hear from you.

That’s how we assess

  • First, we’ll get to know each other – this is not an interview but a conversation
  • Second, you’ll receive a case study with a challenge we are facing to show us your approach and how you think. We want to be mindful of your time and ask you to only spend 1hr on it. If you’re curious how you can stand out 👇
    • Make an assessment of your idea
    • Tell us what you’d recommend and why
  • Third, you’ll meet the rest of the team to check whether you’d enjoy working with us.
  • At the end, you will talk with Oya & Ben about what you took away from the interviews so far and about your position.

→ We hope to do this within 2 weeks. Starting time depends on you, as we are ready!

How to apply
Send your CV & portfolio to Feel free to highlight your top 3 or less cases that you care about most. Want to start building a relationship with us, 👇

  • How do you like to work within your design team and your broader team in general ? And especially when it is remote first?
  • What makes you feel good in your work and what do you need in stressful situations?
  • If you could cancel one food forever and for everyone, what would that be?

We are looking forward to getting to know you 🌈

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