First Product Manager

Job Description

In this role, you will work closely with the founding team to drive the development of Pathway by pioneering cutting-edge capabilities and crafting delightful customer experiences.

Pathway is an AI-powered medical knowledge platform that helps healthcare professionals make better, faster decisions at the point of care.

As our first Product Manager (PM), you will be an integral part of defining our product vision and translating that vision into a product that healthcare professionals love to use.

As an ideal candidate, you will have a keen eye for gaps in consumer product offerings and the innovative mindset to fill them. You’re a highly skilled market analyst with a proven ability to strategize the full lifecycle of product production — from conception through release. You may already be a confident leader who has experience guiding cross-functional teams in the successful creation of products that improve consumer experience and grow market share.

Objectives of this Role

  • Drive the product and business-planning process across cross-functional teams of the company
  • Analyze consumer needs, app usage data, customer feedback, current market trends, and potential partnerships from a strategic/product perspective
  • Assess current competitor offerings, seeking opportunities for differentiation
  • Analyze product requirements and develop appropriate programs to ensure they’re successful achieved
  • Develop, implement, and maintain production timelines
  • Appraise new product ideas and strategize appropriate to-market plans

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

  • Drive the execution of all processes for products, including product research, market research, competitive analysis, planning, positioning, roadmap development, requirements development, and product launch
  • Translate product strategy into detailed requirements for prototype construction and final product development by engineering teams
  • Create product strategy documents that describe business cases, high-level use cases, technical requirements, revenue, and ROI
  • Analyze market data to develop sales strategies, and define product objectives for effective marketing communications plans
  • Collaborate closely with team members and balance resources to ensure success for the entire organization
  • Develop product positioning and messaging that differentiates
  • Pathway and its features across primary market segments

Skills and Qualifications

  • Experience in a dynamic product management role
  • Ability to think at a high level about a complex product
  • Proven experience overseeing all elements of the product development lifecycle
  • Highly effective cross-functional team management
  • Previous experience delivering finely-tuned product marketing strategies
  • Self-motivation and ability to execute a project without close supervision
  • Experience in either mobile consumer product development or healthcare product development
  • Exceptional writing and editing skills combined with strong presentation and public speaking skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • Degree in product design or engineering
  • Previous software and web development experience
  • Proven experience working as a product developer in a non-managerial role
  • Demonstrable knowledge in SEM and online advertising

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