Senior Product Marketer

Full-Time Anywhere

Hello! We’re on the hunt for a senior product marketer / chameleon who’s looking to make a career-defining move bringing Financial Wellness into the hands of employees across the US. Come help us do some good for workers!

You ideally have:

  • A range of experiences launching products to regular people / consumers (B2C)
  • Creative approaches to attracting and retaining customers
  • A penchant for direct, straight-forward, no-bullshit customer communication
  • Aptitude for both go-to-market planning AND being in the weeds with data and marketing tool stacks

We are:

  • An exciting Scale-Up with an exciting mission that’s growing like mad and making a difference in people’s financial outcomes
  • A company with a compelling product and company vision that can both help people and be profitable
  • A group of people who can both drive hard and lean on each other – there’s no room for ego or politics here
  • Fun-loving, we have a “Drink & Think” session to close out each week (cuz who wants to learn while eating lunch) — anyone can take the lead with a “question of the week” (e.g. what’s your favourite summer drink? or who would narrate your lifetime movie?), and a presentation on any topic (e.g. product launches, how to bbq chicken, best scuba diving spots)

Come help us launch cool products, learn about our customers and end users, and be even more awesome!

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