Product Designer

At CybSafe we’re building the world’s most intelligent behavioural security platform. We’re harnessing the power of science, data and cognitive computing technology.

We’re doing this because we believe it’s important to create a safer and better digital world for all people. So we’re in the process of fundamentally transforming the way society addresses the human aspect of cyber security.

We’re growing rapidly and looking for new members of the tribe to help accelerate growth.


As a Product Designer at CybSafe, you will play a hands-on role across all stages of the design process, from understanding business strategy and brand, to creating prototypes, validation and measurement, interaction & visual design, feature delivery and optimisation thereafter.

You will be involved across all stages of the product development process, from concept ideation through to delivery. You will work across a wide range of projects and departments, as part of a multidisciplinary Product team, partnering with product managers, engineers, user researchers, marketeers, data specialists to bring viable solutions and delight our customers.

You will also contribute to our brand and community building activities. We are on a mission to build a brand that goes beyond the traditional cyber security image of a “hacker” in a dark room in a hoodie, a brand that unites a community of forward thinking professionals; and a brand that empowers everyone to make the best possible cyber security decisions they can.

Our software makes it easy to manage human cyber risk. It gets people engaged in security. It empowers them to make the best everyday-security decisions possible. To continue on this  journey, we need the brightest, most inspiring talent in the world – we are growing faster than the market and we need to maintain that velocity – that’s where you come in!

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