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Distance Learning Product Manager, Contract Position

NatureBridge is seeking a contract Product Manager to design the product strategy and roadmap to launching a distance learning product. The product lead will research, design, build, deploy, and iterate on Phase 2 of NatureBridge’s distance learning offering, building on a proof of concept that was piloted this past year which gave us confidence and insight to move on to refining and validating the offering.

About NatureBridge
Founded in 1971, NatureBridge provides environmental science programs for students in the world’s best classrooms—our national parks. Our mission is to connect young people to the science and wonder of the natural world, igniting self-discovery and inspiring stewardship of the planet. As the largest residential education partner of the National Park Service, NatureBridge serves more than 30,000 students and their teachers each year and offers programs in four national parks: Yosemite National Park, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Olympic National Park and Prince William Forest Park. In order to further our mission, NatureBridge is committed to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion and to promoting equal opportunity for students and staff in the field of environmental education.

The long-term goal is to offer educational programs that both support and supplement our existing in-person experiences through pre- and/or post-trip experiences, as well as provide stand-alone online programs to serve students who may not be able to physically get to our national park classrooms. We believe there are three phases of work:

Phase 1 (already completed):
NatureBridge has already created a minimum viable product proof of concept that was piloted in 2020-2021. This multi-day synchronous program was delivered to students from educators on our campuses. The Phase 1 pilot and learnings are the basis for the next phase of the distance learning initiative, Phase 2.

Phase 2: (area of focus for this role)
Conduct market research and develop product strategy, go to market plan, product roadmap, technology requirements, organizational systems (including changes and adjustments), staffing structure in order to prepare for product launch. Collaborate with internal and external resources on curriculum, content strategy, technical build out if necessary, and financial plan. Pilot a Phase 2 test/prototype.

Phase 3 (outside the scope of this initial engagement):
Determine product portfolio and strategies, implementation plans, partnership strategies, marketing and sales strategies. Complete comprehensive curriculum development. Product launch.

Phase 2 Goals
The goal of Phase 2 is to develop an updated product strategy and prototype that is based on market research and the next level understanding of our customers:

Research and understand market landscape and demand
What specific school needs could NatureBridge virtual offerings solve?
What is the demand for the pre trip, post trip and/or stand-alone offerings NatureBridge could provide?
What are the key value propositions to schools, teachers and students for each product type?
What positioning and pricing strategy would make this cost neutral or net positive for NatureBridge? What is the pricing model and strategy? What is our target market?
Determine product vision, roadmap, updated product offering and Go To Market (GTM) strategy
What is the updated product offering?
What is the GTM strategy for these products? Include recommendations for target customer, sales strategy, pricing, curriculum, technology
What Learning Management System can be leveraged to accelerate development? What technology is required?
What organizational systems and staffing structure are recommended for Distance Learning? What systems must be created or adjusted within NatureBridge to launch in Phase 3?

Create a product roadmap including a Phase 2 pilot
What content will be necessary to fulfill the curriculum needs?
What Phase 2 pilot components should/can be tested?
How will Phase 2 pilot be implemented?
What product components are to be included/tested in Phase 3?

Identify next steps for Phase 3
What external resources will be required to implement Phase 3?
What is the remaining roadmap and approach for launch?

What success looks like
By Dec 1, 2021, NatureBridge will have a product that will be ready to test with 5-10 existing school customers in Spring 2022. We will also have refined and updated our distance learning curriculum based on research with customers, created an operational execution plan, defined a pricing strategy and identified a 3rd party LMS platform in order to deliver the experience to students.

The feedback and insights from those Phase 2 tests will inform Phase 3.

Market landscape and analysis
Product research and product strategy
Go to market strategy
Business model
Plan for Phase 2 pilot test
Roadmap for Phase 3 including investment and external resources required

Summer 2021 start contract. 4-6 months full-time work needed with possibility of extension.

The Product Manager will partner with senior level staff across the organization including the Internal Product Lead, Jennifer Kidder, Olympic Campus Director and Distance Learning Lead for Phase 1. The core distance learning team will also include a member of the sales team responsible for selling phase 1 Distance Learning programs and our Distance Learning Curriculum Lead from the education team. The National Director of Education and NatureBridge’s Education Advisory Council, composed of academic thought leaders in environmental education will advise the project supporting alignment with mission, best practices in distance learning research, and coordination with our Theory of Change.

To Apply
Please contact Jennifer Kidder at with any questions. Please submit a cover letter detailing your qualifications, skills and relevant experience and your resume. Contract candidates must be able to sign a Contract Agreement including the scope of work, and will need to submit a W9 and insurance verification.

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