Product Manager

Who are we looking for?

You’re a tech-obsessed problem-solver who’s a stickler for the details. You’re fascinated by the inner workings of complex systems (like the Internet), and you have a knack for breaking things down and making them better.

You’re strategically-minded and can create clear objectives which inspire our teams to do great work. You’re able to collate an array of feedback from key stakeholders and translate it in a way that makes it easy for team members to prioritize their workload. You understand different perspectives, and can act as a mediator between product, user experience, customer success, sales, and marketing teams, managing expectations and streamlining processes to reach business goals.

You’ll spend most of your days with the engineering team, providing crucial user perspectives and organizing project components. You’ll juggle priorities, manage projects, tickets, and sprint goals, and orchestrate ways to put out fires as they arise. You’ll always have one eye on project scope to keep us honest, ensuring we deliver on time and on spec – and you’ll always act as the voice of the user, keeping their needs top of mind.

Role Attributes:  

  • Focus on the execution of product strategy and product development. Gain a thorough overview of project scope, outline tasks and ensure every box is checked
  • Understand the company vision and communicate strategy to engineering teams. Be a key player in the evolution of our product.
  • Be passionate about technology and be able to dive deep into NS1’s tech stack and architecture to better understand the products we’re building.
  • Immerse yourself in the details – you’re always able to backup your decisions with evidence, and answer the question of “why”
  • Represent the product team as you work with engineering, user experience, sales and marketing to consolidate requirements, parse and sequence work, and effectively communicate product updates to our customers.
  • Consolidate and process team input and user feedback, cultivating a continuous cycle of feedback and improvement for our product with our stakeholders.
  • Sign off on smaller feature-level development and know when to circle back with leadership on larger changes
  • Work closely with CPO and engineering leadership to continue the development of the product organization

Role Requirements:

  • 3+ years working with software delivery teams
  • Detail-oriented, fastidious, perceptive, and intuitive. Able to prioritize and reconcile needs that aren’t always aligned
  • Experience working on highly technical products that are focused on backend systems. Preferred experience managing SaaS products with heavy database, networking, and operational components.
  • Experience interacting directly with customers and users.
  • Comfortable working with distributed teams, facilitating communication, and managing work-tracking software.
  • Experience eliciting feedback from product users and business stakeholders
  • Some coding experience preferred (any language)


  • Our globally distributed platform is comprised of many subsystems including:
    • Custom built DNS software that’s deployed on physical hardware and an anycasted network that spans nearly 30 facilities globally
    • REST API, and Portal
    • Deployment automation, CI/CD, unit/integration testing
    • Monitoring, metrics collection and alerting
    • Traffic load balancing, filtering, and DDoS mitigation tools
    • Messaging, persistent DB and caching systems
  • Other technologies and integrations include:
    • Linux, Ansible, Docker
    • MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, SQL
    • Python (Twisted), Bash, C, C++14
    • Hadoop/HDFS/OpenTSDB, Grafana, Bosun
    • React/Redux/D3/nodejs
    • Integrations with third party SaaS, APIs, and libraries
    • Internal tools for development, building, testing and deployment
    • Various Open Source projects, including REST API clients and integrations