Product Manager

Product Manager at ubio

We are ubio. We automate the web.

ubio has built a platform called the Automation Cloud which can perform any online task such as booking a flight from London to NY on or buying a pair of shoes on

We have 2 lines of business. For travel aggregators and metasearch engines we enable customers to directly buy tickets on any airline or online travel agent. And for banks and payment companies we provide a “Buy Now” button which allows their users to instantly purchase products from any retailer website from inside their wallet app. And in the future we’ll open up the Automation Cloud so developers can easily create and sell APIs to automate anything.

ubio has 12 employees and has raised £2m in funding. We were part of Techstars in 2015 and the MasterCard Start Path programme in 2016. We’re revenue generating and on track to break-even in 2017 and aim to raise Series A funding in Q3-Q4.

The role

We are looking for an exceptional Product Manager to work with the product and development teams in our London office. This will require sound reasoning about and deep understanding of a highly technical product, defining and deriving key business, client, user and product requirements, defining product management processes and overseeing product delivery in the development team.

You’ll get to work with the senior management team defining the product, and being the definitive voice of Product in the team. You’ll be responsible for the Product Roadmap, plan for and kick-off projects with clearly defined requirements and then work with the kanban process and our development team to ship it. The role will be varied, and will touch on a very broad suite of products and features and effect all corners of the business. You’ll have exceptional organisational and communication skills.

We’re a semi-distributed team, with staff in London, Brighton, Bucharest and Kursk. You’ll be able to clearly articulate product goals and requirements and shepherd the delivery process with team-mates in all of these places. You’ll also keep the management team up to date about what’s coming up, what’s being built and what’s shipped.

Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Understanding business, user and client requirements.
  • Articulating, documenting and sharing the requirements.
  • Writing product specifications.
  • Managing the Product Roadmap.
  • Helping plan our work.
  • Coming to understand our deeply technical automation technology and how this translates into the products ubio offers in the market.
  • Understanding and accommodating technical requirements and the opportunities and limitations these might bring to bear on product decisions.
  • Involving key stakeholders in gathering and implementing requirements.
  • Making day-to-day product calls and decisions.
  • Working alongside our Development team and with their kanban process to ensure the requirements are built to spec and provide the results you have defined.
  • Making tough priority calls and trade-offs balancing available time, resources, and critical business requirements.
  • Performing acceptance testing on new features so you’re happy they meet your expectations.
  • Performing retrospectives, distilling feedback from the team to improve our execution.

And you will play a key role in:

  • Defining our Product Management and planning processes, from idea to delivery.
  • Working with our clients and internal users.
  • Working to bring clarity to high-level/fundamental, non-project related requirements and communicating these to the team.

You’ll also have experience of:

  • Working with deeply technical and complex application-type products.
  • Working for technology startups/scale-ups.
  • Experience iterating in quick cycles.
  • Bringing a unique blend of business and technical savvy to your work.

And it would be great if you also have:

  • Design, UX and/or development knowledge.
  • Experience managing people, as we expect the Product team to expand in the future.
  • A good understanding of software automation technology.
  • An understanding of the travel, retail and/or banking sectors.
  • Knowledge of payments and related security standards.