Product Manager

Contract Anywhere Salary: Can do a mix of equity, cash, and high fives.


We’re a startup – Native Voice – working to create a platform for voice assistants to live together.

We’re growing and we need support for driving a few early products. The products are familiar sounding – apps, a developer portal, an analytics hub.

What’s unfamiliar, and fun, is how we create these product experiences to be successful: we’ve got challenges with device connectivity, speech tech, unproven voice assistants, on a range of devices. And it’s all got to add up to creating compelling experiences for everyday folks.

If those sound like the kind of thorny challenges you thrive on, reach out to me for a conversation.

The work can be specific to one product to drive, or a few. It will likely include ~20 hours a week for a good chunk of time – maybe 12 weeks.

We’re flexible with location. Hours are flexible, too, but you will need to be available for a few hours, on days you work, during working hours in the US.

We’ve got money in the bank and have had to turn away investors. If interested, please reach out. thx!

Matt Klee
head of product, native voice

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