At Actuate, we make the world safer by turning any camera into a smart camera.

Our AI software analyzes data from existing security cameras in real-time to detect weapons, intruders, social distancing masks, crowds, and where people travel in any environment. The system acts as an end-to-end security camera management system that enables onboarding and management of cameras as well as instant alerts and analytics that allow organizations to pinpoint problems.

We leverage cutting-edge computer vision algorithms for object detection on a hyper-scale cloud backend, and we provide analytics to our customers without collecting any personally identifiable information.

We’re looking for a skilled Product Manager to own Voice of Customer. This is an end-to-end product ownership position: The role will involve hands-on participation in customer discussions and systems design with the goal of developing product roadmaps and businesses processes to enable the company to scale rapidly. As such, the ideal candidate will be skilled in strategic thinking, program design, customer relationship management, and system design.

If you want to help build a company from the ground up and develop cutting-edge technology that helps keep people safe–without invading privacy–we’d love to hear from you.

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