Full-Time UK/remote Closes: 2021-06-23

About us

We’re building a revolutionary new way of interacting with and manipulating data. Yes, it sounds like every other buzzwordy job spec out there, but it’s true! And we can prove it.

We’re on a mission to reinvent knowledge work, by enabling our users to automatically merge large amounts of data into their own bespoke knowledge graph. This allows them to derive insights which were previously impossible to compute.

We’re looking for a strong product manager who can step up our game when it comes to product thinking and execution, and will relentlessly pursue excellence.

You will be joining at a pivotal moment in the life of a company – if we’re right about what we’re building, it could transform the way people work globally and interface with their own knowledge, not just in finance, but in every industry.


How we think about product

We are a fundamentally product-led company and team, and at this stage of our life, product is everything. In fact, getting product right is the most important thing we do – we exist to solve complex user problems through superior, beautiful, well-designed products.

However, we’re also not precious about whatever solutions we come with, and we kill our darlings early and often. We fall in love with the problem, not the solution. It’s not about unfettered building, it’s about quickly validating and iterating.

This is truly a place where you will break new ground – we are pushing the frontier of what is currently possible, and it will require creative thinking, problem-solving, and a good dose of hard work!


About you

You’re inquisitive, self-motivated, and excited by the prospect of working with ground-breaking technology. You love a challenge and teaching yourself new skills on the fly. You want to make a massive impact as one of the key first hires at an early-stage company.

You’ve seen what good looks like (and/or what bad looks like – equally important!), and you’re now itching to do it yourself. You want to challenge yourself, and see whether you’ve got what it take to help build a globally impactful company.

You want to be at the heart of the engine, get your hands dirty, and put your fingerprints all over launching a new, disruptive, [insert buzzword here :)] product.

You enjoy thinking strategically and future-gazing, but you’re also practical and not above getting stuck in to help the team.

You will enjoy this role if:

  • You are roughly 40% data, 60% #YOLO – you are data-driven when you can (and when it matters), but most of the time there’s not a lot of data to justify what we do, so it’s about trying things, learning fast, and moving on
  • You prefer revolutionary change to incremental optimization
  • You have a strong sense of urgency: you like thinking, but you prioritize acting
  • You’re eager to continuously engage with our users, often speaking to people on the phone every day
  • You’re willing and able to craft a product strategy and roadmap in concert with customers, engineering, design, and go-to-market teams
  • You can hold your own in strategic discussions, aided by strong writing and debating skills
  • You do whatever it takes to make your product and team successful, whether that means writing a QA plan or hunting down the root cause of a user’s frustration


About the role

As the main product owner, you will work directly with the CEO and CTO to shape the product strategy, and will own the day-to-day roadmap, continuously defining and adapting it (in true Lean Startup style!).

To be successful in this role, you will need to deeply understand our users and the broader market context, and be able to thoughtfully articulate and communicate what we know and what you believe.

Some of the key things you’ll do in the early days include:

  • Drive day-to-day product development and delivery, working closely with the rest of the team including design and engineering
  • Define and rapidly validate every aspect of the product (designs, features, benefits) with our users
  • Perform user research during customer development phases – contact, interview, summarise findings, and follow up
  • Frequently update and communicate product findings (e.g. core value propositions, etc.) to the rest of the team to easily digest and follow
  • Identify new opportunities to evolve the product offering based on understanding the market/audience


Job requirements

Required skills/experience

This role will best suit either (i) someone who might not currently hold a senior PM title, but has the talent and is is on their way to, or (ii) someone who is already holds a senior role, and wants to progress to a lead / head of role soon. We’re open-minded as to which one, as long as you’re ambitious and want to progress fast!

  • 3-5y+ of relevant commercial experience
  • Must have worked in a product team before, ideally with product lead experience yourself or having reported to an experienced product lead / senior product manager
  • Experience managing technical software products through all lifecycle stages, from inception to launch
  • Experience of prioritizing backlogs and writing user stories
  • Experience in contributing to, debating, and crafting strategies
  • Experience validating ideas and product changes
  • Demonstrated flexibility and ability to adapt to change in a fast-paced work environment
  • Experience of measuring and acting on early-stage / pre-launch product development progress
  • Strong commercial awareness
  • Great attention to detail

Bonus points for

  • Working knowledge of investment/finance (especially corporate finance – private equity, venture capital, etc.)
  • Experience communicating product to multi-person sales teams, or personal experience in sales / marketing (particularly as it pertains to product marketing)
  • Early stage / start-up experience (especially as early hire / founder)

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