Sr. Product Manager

Full-Time Anywhere

Simply put: Product helps the company ship the right things. The best Product Managers think big as direct contributors and relentless champions of the long-term vision. It is mission critical that they give regular, clear, and consistent communication of where the company is headed and why. But execution is paramount, so Product Managers pull together strong cross-functional teams to facilitate robust discussions and drive towards action every single day. It is a selfless role that requires winning by influence over authority with strong relationships across the organization built on a track record of true partnership and delivery. As such, the Product Managers are willing to grind down to the details and create smooth launches, reduce thrash, and minimize surprises. When done right, Product is the engine of innovation and excitement for the future of the company.



  • Define, refine, communicate, and shepherd the system vision and success metrics
  • Create a clear product strategy to build to that future state quickly and effectively that aligns the product, engineering, data, capital markets, and servicing teams
  • Balance a forward thinking approach of inventing what’s not right in front of us with the empathy for our internal operations users to make their roles better along the way
  • Work side-by-side with the engineering manager to ensure what’s being proposed can scale without significant execution risk or the accrual of significant tech debt
  • Rally the cross-functional team with exceptional teamwork and execution to ship on-time, on-quality to move the needle for the whole company
  • Track the resulting metrics and report progress to the whole team regularly
  • Never stop brainstorming for what’s next


  • 5+ years of experience in product management
  • Track record of success with complex technical products
  • Has had roles that required long-term strategic thinking at the full company level
  • Familiarity with how to build inside operational businesses to balance the concerns of both external end customers and internal users of the software
  • Has built in truly cross-functional teams (product, engineering, data, capital markets, servicing, and more) with an outcomes-based OKR approach
  • Desire to be data driven throughout the entire lifecycle of a project
  • Excellent communication in both top-down vision and bottom-up details when needed
  • Natural bias toward action to do, build, ship as a force multiplier in pace and output
  • Innate product sense of what will work, but without even a shred of ego or hubris
  • Bonus Points: has spent time in fintech, lending, or investing
  • Bonus Points: has an engineering background

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