UX Designer

Full-Time United Kingdom Salary: £32,000 - £45,000 Closes: 2021-07-18

UX Designer

Location: UK, fully remote. 

Salary range: £32000 to £45000.

[Job brief]

We are looking for a UX Designer for our product Medulla. We anticipate you’ll be spending 20% of your time on visual design, 50% on UX research & design (including interaction design) and 30% of your time sharing designs with the development team and helping them understand your work. The role is varied as we are a startup so this may change as we grow.

Reporting to our Product Manager, you’ll also be working closely with our Software Architect & Front End Engineering Lead to take the roadmap from concepts through fully realised designs to implemented UI. You’ll also be running user research & usability testing sessions as part of the ideation phase of our software lifecycle, and evaluating existing live designs.

You have an opportunity to shape your progression by either introducing a UX strategy that forms a core part of the product roadmap, or taking on various company or product initiatives that involve service design.

Our salary range is broad as we are looking for a mindset rather than a particular level of seniority or experience, so we encourage you to apply if the role excites you.

[Your Responsibilities]

Conduct user research
Take roadmap concepts from the Product Manager and turn these into fully realised designs
Share designs with the development team & other key stakeholders, get feasibility guidance and contribute towards writing of user stories
Anticipate, identify and troubleshoot UX problems
Maintain our design documentation (personas, user research notes, component library – existing library is in Adobe XD, but we are open to other tools if they allow collaboration with the remote development team).
Create occasional static content for marketing following our style guide and guidance from our Head of Marketing and CEO such as social media posts for holidays, banners for campaigns.

[About You]

You have on hand a variety of design methods and techniques and are comfortable to use these to go from user problem to completed design
You naturally adopt a user-centred approach and also have tactics to handle the subtleties of a B2B environment eg user vs buyer.
CyberOwl prides itself on making a complex area of cybersecurity more practical and easy for our users. We appreciate that you aren’t a cybersecurity expert, however it is important that you can work with us to pick up enough of our domain as part of creating a good user experience. Any experience working on designs where users are technical or highly specialised, or where you visualised large datasets would give you a boost.
You can communicate designs with developers and product people, discuss how designs may be adapted based on technical considerations from our development team, and flag if this could produce an unacceptable user experience.
You read our job brief and you’d like to work somewhere you can shape your own progression
You can conduct user research sessions, and conduct usability testing.
You are comfortable working as part of a multi-functional team as the sole designer.

Desirable (any of these are a bonus, none are required)

Any experience working on products with a cybersecurity or IT or IoT facet, or in the maritime or oil & gas sectors
Experience of or desire to work on information architecture
Experience of creating or adapting design systems

[About us]

CyberOwl is a dynamic start-up of 25 people which was spun out from Coventry University and now operates globally and primarily remotely with colleagues based in London, Athens, Singapore, Malaysia, Poland and Portugal. CyberOwl has won several accolades, was shortlisted for the Lloyds Science of Risk Prize, selected into the first GCHQ Cyber Accelerator Programme and is a founding member of the UK Government’s centre of excellence for cybersecurity innovation – the London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA).
Our mission at CyberOwl is to shift organisations towards an active security posture. We focus on those protecting the industrial and operational systems that lie behind critical infrastructure.
Our first commercial solution helps by providing real-time visibility of suspicious activity onboard maritime platforms – like cargo vessels and tankers – which are critical to global trade. Our customers are sometimes smaller businesses who don’t have their own security operations centre and, in these cases, we support them through our own managed SOC.

How to apply:

Send an email to joinus@cyberowl.io with your CV and the answer to the following question:

Given an unmet need in an existing software product how would you then turn this into a design – use a real example or examples if easier. (approx 300 words, or you can use an existing project in your portfolio and link to that).

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