Principal UX Strategist

You have a strong desire to innovate and enjoy collaborating with internal and external experts to craft the best experiences possible. You are interested in healthcare and inspired by the rapid adoption of Artificial Intelligence, NLP, and the cloud and want to drive how this positively impacts patients and staff in the healthcare space, specifically within the enterprise Imaging domain.

You will lead UX design projects with multiple cross-functional teams to inform, test, and execute digital designs for web-based, enterprise network, and/or mobile applications based on business needs and opportunities for existing and new products. You have extensive experience in using rapid prototyping and user testing in combination to ensure both high efficiency and high customer-relevant value in the final product.

You will be responsible for providing vision and judgment across the business and will be accountable for driving a cohesive customer experience throughout our products. You are talented and love doing detailed strategic work and are also interested in providing support, guidance, and mentoring to a group of amazing designers, researchers, and product specialists who are located remotely in the US and Canada.

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