Technical Product Manager

Full-Time Flexible within London/UK Salary: 35000-100000 GBP

We have a Technical Program Manager role open at EngineerBetter. If you or someone you know might be interested, please check out our job posting and apply to!

Who we are

EngineerBetter is a small but growing consultancy that empowers organisations to build the right software more quickly. We’re interested in business outcomes over technology, and in human-centered processes.

While we perform a variety of work, our ideal engagements are those where we upskill engineers with contemporary agile practice, and instill a product mindset into those deciding what it is that should be built.

Small consultancies have a variety of work, providing opportunities to do different things. We’re primarily based in London with some fully-remote workers, and are fully-owned by Container Solutions, with whom we collaborate on engagements.

Why we are hiring for this role

As an engineering-heavy organisation, we know exactly how to help customers build software and systems more quickly. There are two catches though:The engineers can’t deliver quickly if desired outcomes are not well-formulated

There’s no point helping people build the wrong thing more quickly

We need a Technical Product Manager to allow our ‘beach’ team to create value between engagements, to perform product management as part of customer engagements, and to coach and educate customers in a product mindset.

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