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Full-Time Anywhere

Are you a product manager looking for a fun and creative position on a small team? Looking for the responsibility of driving a product forward at both the strategic and tactical level? Are you the rare human who is just as comfortable running a user interview as you are chatting about data migration with a software engineer?

If this is you…let’s get to know each other!

The Body Shop Booster team is on the prowl for our first product manager! We’ve got some BIG initiatives planned for 2021-2022 and are scaling up our product and engineering teams to ensure we’re building world-class software for body shop owners around the world.

What’s The Gig?

  • Take strategic ownership of our software platform as we work on a massive re-launch in early 2022.
  • Run point on UX decisions for features – we’re a small team and don’t have a dedicated UX designer, so this will fall in your wheelhouse.
  • Function as the “glue” between sales, marketing, and CS teams who are focused on serving our clients.
  • Help to build the culture of our product and engineering teams – we’re bringing our engineering team in-house over the next year, and you’ll be on the ground floor to define how our technology team does business.

What Are We Looking For?

  • You’ve walked the walk. You have been a product manager at a SaaS company before, and have opinions about how we should define our development lifecycle, plan our sprints, and do our QA. In other words, you can show up and help us level up the team.
  • You’re comfortable with the unknown. We’re exploring fundamental questions about our software, you are the person who can help us find the answers. You don’t feel the need to plug into a well-established system in order to find success.
  • You’ve got some UX chops. You can do more than manage a backlog 😉 and are cool with us looking to you to build wireframes and be the decision-maker on user flows for our product.
  • You like “just enough” process. We are big on making sure everything we do is “right time, right action”. You’re on board with that approach, and are ready to build processes to help us work without slowing us down like a “big company”.
  • You genuinely care. You don’t just feel like you care, you show you care. Your customers’ success is yours, and so is their failure. You bust a gut to help them win.
  • You’re proactive. You don’t wait, you take the initiative. You ask. You act. You look for ways to do more than expected.
  • You show integrity. You protect our Intellectual Property and user data. Every action you take is 100% legal, ethical, and would make you proud if you saw it on the 6 o’clock news.
  • You’re a team player. We’re NOT looking for rockstar performers – we want rock-solid teammates. You’re on board with the fact that we will succeed or fail as a team.
  • You follow-through. You keep your word: When you say you’ll do something, it gets done.

What Will You Do?

  • You’ll work directly with the CEO of Body Shop Booster to spec, build, and deliver a brand new version of our software platform.
  • You’ll manage all aspects of the product, from the strategic decisions to the tactical day-to-day work.
  • You’ll plan sprints, create wireframes, prioritize features, identify functional requirements, and work with our team of engineers to ensure that we’re spending our resources in the right places and delivering massive value for our customers.
  • You’ll interview customers and team members to understand our Perfect Fit Customer and the value that they gain from our software platform.
  • You’ll run point on our product analytics program, ensuring that we can make data-driven decisions based on real usage data.

Like What You See?

If you’re thinking: “This is totally me!” then be sure to apply.

Even if you’re thinking: “This definitely could be me!” apply below, anyways — we love diverse and non-traditional backgrounds and would love to talk with you.

About Body Shop Booster:

Body Shop Booster is a sales and marketing platform for body shops. With a 100% remote team and executive leadership team with extensive industry experience, BSB provides a virtual sales and marketing experience for its clients – allowing shops to perform estimates, send marketing campaigns, ask for reviews, and close deals – all 100% remote via our software platform. BSB is growing fast and innovating even faster, and is always on the prowl for top-notch people to join the team!

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