Product Owner

Do you love building products? We’re looking for smart, experienced product managers who excel at helping our clients bring ideas to market that their customers love to use. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3 years of product work.


  • Demonstrated experience running agile software development projects
  • Demonstrated experience with customer discovery activities
  • Gathers information and articulates an informed vision/strategy in ambiguous situations
  • Works to discern our client’s viewpoint and present a healthy product development approach that supports business goals
  • Pivotal Tracker and Jira Wrangler


  • The most successful Lab Zero Team members have worked for large organizations and startups
  • Leads by example, can be hands-on with client matters
  • “Just in time” / “Just enough” attitude toward product specs
  • Understands the right fidelity for the situation.
  • Experience with backlog grooming and story writing which is harmonious with LZ’s approach
  • Has shipped at least two major projects from concept to launch
  • Has shipped a Vertical Slice and an MVP; can discuss opportunities & pitfalls of each.
  • Value/Effort trading is a native part of your psyche.
  • Ability to deliver a gentle but clear ‘no’ (with rationale) in the face of unreasonable goals.