Product Manager

Full-Time Anywhere

Everyone cares about staying healthy. However, our healthcare systems are designed to treat disease, not to maintain health. We even define “healthy” as the absence of disease. Most people only engage with the healthcare system when they develop strong symptoms. This is too late – early, at home monitoring is needed.

There is an explosion of health tech, however, individual health tools have limited value in monitoring & maintaining health. Human health is too complex to be captured by an individual test. Sanome is building a simple at home health monitoring tool by combining different biomarkers that in combination can detect changes to someone’s health.

We are coming out of stealth and completing our fundraising so there is not a lot of information online, however, you can see a sneak preview of our approach here.

Sanome has all the benefits of a progressive company (share options, flexible working, team events, stash, laptops & gear blah blah blah) but the real reason you will want to work here is to make a difference and to work on something that will eventually help millions of people around the world. We are building a company that wants to change the world and are looking for people that get excited by the size and opportunity of our mission. You need to be awesome and wholeheartedly believe that the best companies are built around a strong culture. If that is you, carry on reading.

The Opportunity
We are looking for someone who will make a remarkable difference. We want you, to show us how you will develop and build great products that our users love engaging with, time and again.

We combine many different types of biomarkers – digital and physical – and combine them into at home health monitoring tools. The product includes both a physical box and a web application for user engagement and digital biomarker integration.

Here are some things we would love to see in the next 12-18 months. Walk the walk and show us how you’d do it:

  • Tell us about your technical background and why you love a product role in the health space
  • Show us, with proof, how you have built user facing products before
  • Give us a taste how you will incorporate user testing into the product design cycle
  • Explain to us how you live and breathe lean design principles
  • Persuade us that UI/ UX is as important as feature functionality
  • Impress us with your ability to communicate clearly and define a roadmap
  • Wow us with the crispness of your “WHAT” and show us how you get engineers, marketeers and indeed the entire company to deliver the “HOW” at pace from your requirements
  • Show us that you are comfortable making tough choices and can formulate opinions on tough topics
  • Make us feel relaxed about competitors, customer needs and pains
  • Show us that you are a team player that values knowledge transfer

Tell us how you will try new product ideas and get to MVP fast. Show us how we will improve them continuously and make sure that our users continue to use them over and over again. Prove to us that success = product success and that Sanome needs you. We look forward to meeting you.
Good luck