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The Ethical Social Group (ESG) is a company on a mission to bring back the good in social media.

We produce tech-led products that improve the lives of our members through the promotion of positive interaction and safe social engagement. We are in the advanced stages of developing and launching our dating App Fluttr and our Social platform wndr.

Both are fully verified environments that deliver safe spaces for people to come together and communicate in a positive and secure space.

We will also be developing further applications in the coming years which would fall into the successful candidates’ Remit.

We are looking for a passionate creative product manager to join our team.

Product Manager Job Purpose:
Working creatively and pragmatically to conserve resources and engage the product line’s potential audience. Ensure the company’s principles and ethos are reflected within its products and embedded within all processes and activities of the project team.

Knowledge of key demographics and an innovative perspective on product development are important in this role.

Product Manager Responsibilities:
• Creating and communicating strategies for the development of the product
• Defining the product vision and roadmap
• Creating timelines and roadmaps for product development
• Meeting regularly with stakeholders, including product developers, marketing, customer service, finance and company heads
• Oversee delivery of MVPs and version updates with prioritized features and corresponding justification
• Work with external third parties to assess partnerships and licensing opportunities
• Run beta and pilot programs with early-stage products and samples
• Collecting, analysing and responding to member feedback
• Managing budgets
• Setting sales objectives that align with consumer demand to reach sales goals
• Gathering and evaluating ideas and opinions
• Planning new features and changes to products
• Demonstrating new ideas and features to stakeholders
• Attending conferences and events related to products or sector
• Creating and overseeing development and project management processes
• Inspiring and enthusing colleagues and users of the product
• Learning about and understanding users and product markets. Researching competitors and similar products.

Essential Skills:
• Excellent Written and Verbal Communication Skills
• Strong Organizational Skills and Time Management
• Product Industry Knowledge
• Computer Literacy and Proficient with Common Industry Software
• Good Research Skills
• Excellent Teamwork and People Management skills
• Ability to work in an Agile environment
• Ability to work with the engineers to identify performance bugs and ensure the product is up to par in terms of function, design, and member experience
• Good delegation skills, including being able to clearly portray expectations for tasks

Desired Experience and Qualifications:
• Minimum of 3 years’ experience as a Product Manager
• BSc or MSc in Business, Computing or a related field
• Demonstrated success at launching excellent products
• Technical background with experience in app development
• Experience in working with Agile Project Management methodologies

Office Location: The UK

To apply: Please submit an up-to-date CV and a short 2-3 minute video of yourself describing why you think this job is right for you and what you can bring to our company in this role.

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