Delivery Lead

Full-Time London Salary: £40k to £55k pa

Potato is looking for a Delivery Lead to join our Digital Product Studio in London (although remote is fine), supporting and developing our progressive and talented teams of engineers, designers and product leads.

About the role:

Potato is on an exciting journey as a business, and the Delivery Lead role is crucial to our success — they are the champions of the team, the ways of working. Potato Delivery leads are accountable for delivery methodology and for leading a team to ensure timely, accurate and effective delivery.

Delivery Leads are expected to play multiple roles based on the Delivery approach selected. Short engagements, or those where the client is less comfortable with agile, may need a more traditional project management approach. Some clients are very familiar with agile, or wish to become more agile, so on these engagements an agile coach approach may be best.

Experienced in or with a good understanding of agile methodologies and a project management grounding, the Delivery Lead works closely with in-house teams using Scrum, Kanban or Lean approaches.

All Delivery Leads must be able to play the role of a Scrummaster and should have aspirations to become a certified scrum master in the future (if not already). Understanding Lean approaches would be beneficial.

A Delivery Lead may work on a suite of mid-size digital projects across more than one key client, or a number of smaller, leaner engagements, or a combination of both. It is important that they are able to adopt standard project management processes.

About you:

At Potato, we often have engagements requiring a more nuanced delivery role; it may be that your coaching and scrum mastery skills and experience are called upon for a particular engagement, on other engagements, it may be that your project management experience comes to the fore. You may be more comfortable with, or have a preference for, one particular aspect of delivery, but as all-rounders, our Delivery Leads are expected to be flexible. The Delivery Lead is responsible for initiating the project with the team including communicating the chosen approach effectively, so teams (including client teams) are thoroughly aware and understand the approach.

All delivery roles are client facing so we require our Delivery Leads to be outstanding communicators and excellent relationship builders, at all levels.

You must have:

  • Experience in day-to-day commercial management of engagements, budgeting, tracking, noticing, and flagging to avoid over-burns or possible gaps in revenue recognition
  • Be able to understand agile and facilitate events as needed
  • Demonstrate Backlog management
  • Act as the key liaison between internal and client teams
  • Represent the authoritative source of all delivery status information on your projects at all times
  • Measure and report on team health and efficacy

Ideally, you also have:

  • Strong communication skills – The role requires working closely with key stakeholders throughout the client organisation and beyond (partners, other agencies, and other 3rd parties), you must be able to communicate in specific contexts to different people of varying technical expertise, about the project at any given time
  • Facilitating, decision making, and project kick-offs involving team members to take active roles as appropriate
  • Proactive risk mitigation, preventing issues from leading to preventable escalations in collaboration with the teams
  • Creating and updating product documentation to make onboarding and off-boarding easier, and to ensure that the knowledge transfer remains efficient within the team
  • Understanding of experience in agile and lean design and development approaches
  • Refined prioritisation skills – ability to focus on the “right” things, not just the “most urgent” things
  • Emotional intelligence, personal resilience and empathy. Self-motivation and the ability to motivate others


Working shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the best engineers, designers and product leads in town, we’ll give you the freedom to manage your own work and trust you to get things done. Want to work from home occasionally? Go for it. Need to unwind with a game of pool or some studio dog cuddles? All good. Ultimately, we just want to make sure that you have everything you need to help us build the best products possible.

You’ll have many opportunities for growth and learning: collaboration within teams, rotation to different products, experimentation on internal tools, involvement in new business and pitching, our Potato Talks events, mentorship, training courses, and conferences.


We want to make our hiring as inclusive as possible, this job description has been reviewed by a range of employees and has passed a neutral language check. We have also reviewed our hiring process to make sure it offers flexibility to candidates that need it.

We’re trying to do better and would love your feedback. If you think there’s anything we could improve, or places you think we should advertise, then please let us know.

Salary: £40k to £55k pa.

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