Full-Time London Salary: £51,000 to £60,000 per annum Closes: 2021-08-20

We are looking for a product manager to join our small and flexible team that works on new products for social science researchers at SAGE Publishing. We work across departments, and are accountable to the Research Methods Innovation and the Product Innovation groups.

The very essential experience and skills that you should have:

  • You’ve done some roadmapping at an early stage and thinking through or testing the product-market fit
  • You speak tech, you understand things like tech stack, and know about approaches to search and discovery, or you are very keen to get into it
  • You worked directly with developers, you are able to write user stories that developers can understand and use to build the product
  • You ran or worked in sprints, and on multiple fronts, handling different pieces related to different stakeholders and parts of the product development

What you will be doing:

  • As soon as you join, you will be responsible for an early-stage product and will figure out the next best steps in its development, the product-market fit, the charging model and how to scale it
  • As part of a team that works on new products, you will also spend time landscaping the market, summarizing, synthesizing, identifying and defining problems and opportunities with enough potential to work on next

In your cover letter, please tell us more about your interest/understanding of technology, and share an achievement or experience you are most proud of (doesn’t have to be work related).

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