Full-Time Anywhere Salary: 45,000-55,000

Wayhome: The Mission

At Wayhome we are reinventing homeownership by co-investing with people who haven’t been able to buy a home yet. We’re a small team of Engineers, Property Specialists, Data Scientists and Creatives, who are addressing one of the biggest and most life-changing problems our customers have: how they can get the security and freedom of homeownership for their families and for themselves.

We offer

Salary up to £55,000 based on experience
Your choice of a mac or windows laptop
Unlimited holiday (minimum 28 day/year)
An opportunity to be granted stock options for high performance
An office in Bank with all the WeWork bells and whistles, although…

Remote working

For the foreseeable future, we’re optimising for the majority of our team to be working remotely, coming into the office for key meetings or workshops only.

We have a (dog friendly) office in central London if you’re unable or don’t want to work from home, or just prefer the buzz of a coworking space, but we’re keen to provide an experience that works for everyone.

The current situation is a bit of a change for us, but we’re growing into this new remote reality together – if there is a specific way you want to work or you have particular requirements, let us know: we’re always open to discussing it.

The role

We are looking for someone to work in our small-but-rapidly-expanding Product Development team, contributing to product development and strategy across both customer and internal tooling as we have plenty of both!

You’ll work closely with the rest of the product team (comprised of product managers, designers, frontend and backend developers), key stakeholders in other parts of the business, and your internal and external customers. You will also run Experiments to achieve our OKRs, and help grow the company’s Product Management practice and processes.

Internal tooling: our bespoke property valuation and risk assessment tools to enable the eventual purchasing and management of 1000s of homes; customer management tools; communication management tools; task prioritisation and management tools; credit and affordability assessment tools.

Customer tooling: tools to support the end to end customer journey, from helping them assess our mutual suitability and find a home they love, all the way to account management once they’re in their home.

The Team

The Product Development team is a mixed bunch of developers, designers and product managers. We understand that there isn’t a one size fits all solution to the way we work; what works today will not necessarily work tomorrow, especially as we expand the team. We value rapid cycles of TEST, LEARN and ADAPT. All of our product tasks are specified and prioritised via a rigorous challenge process that reflects the following about how Product works at Wayhome:

  • We know your time is valuable – so we aim to work only on business-critical developments.
  • We are focussed on smashing our OKRs – to help aspiring homeowners find their dream homes at scale.
  • We believe diverse inputs from various business units and individuals of differing seniority lead to the best product outcomes – if managed by a strong leader.

We value empathy, taking a pragmatic approach to our work and take delight in helping each other out. On occasion we have the corgis Alfie and Napster giving their input, although their barking outweighs their wireframing! We have a varied mix of personalities and interests (from video games to pottery to blacksmithing), and value the human beings behind the job title.

Who you are:

  • You’re a confident product manager who can talk passionately about the role you’ve played in developing high impact and complex products end-to-end – and the lessons you’ve learned from challenges along the way
  • You have a strong interest in rapid experimentation and data analysis, and would self describe as “Data-driven”
  • You’re comfortable working with business stakeholders with differing levels of tech experience; you can identify the “needs” hidden in the “wants”; you’re comfortable negotiating and persuading
  • You have a keen eye for detail; you know the importance of writing accurate and easily understood specifications, and thoroughly testing finished increments to ensure they’ve met your vision
  • You learn quickly, are highly adaptable and could get up and running within a couple of weeks of joining
  • As we are a goal-orientated organisation, you should be comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity, and an evolving roster of responsibilities
  • You know how to keep a lot of plates spinning. In fact, you feel bored if you’re not juggling tasks
  • You know how to be a team player and how to speak up when you identify a problem
  • You have strong opinions weakly held; and you know when to push, and when to disagree and commit
  • You’ve worked in cross-functional teams and know the value that can be delivered when people with very different skillsets come together to achieve a common goal

What you’ll be doing:

  • Execute quickly and effectively against the OKRs by generating ideas and experiments through your careful analysis of pain points and opportunities; taking new products and features from idea to production.
  • Working closely with the Data team to understand how product changes impact user behaviour, and opportunities for both feature and architectural development
  • Take part in specifying and prioritising product tasks via a rigorous challenge process
  • Liaise with developers early and often in the specification process, and answer questions about tickets during Sprints to see them through to go-live.
  • Ensuring the features you are responsible for are delivered with minimal bugs and work as specified; supporting other PMs to ensure the same of their features.
  • Identifying and acting on opportunities to bring rigour and efficiency to our QA process
  • Understanding other teams’ product development needs and helping prioritise them on the Product backlog
  • Ensure product processes are followed inside and outside of the team, including Jira management; altering or developing processes as needed when you spot inefficiencies or better ways of working
  • Keeping stakeholders up to date with our changing priorities and feature delivery

Must have:

  • Experience taking stories and features throughout the entire lifecycle – from concept to reality to measurement to iteration
  • Able to define the primary use-cases and edge cases for a new feature or product, define the business case using quantitative frameworks such as the RICE framework, write out the Functional Requirements and/or Acceptance Criteria
  • Ability to work semi-autonomously, within guidelines set by OKRs and business priorities, and support from your manager/colleagues
  • Stakeholder management experience and skills
  • Excellent communication skills within and outside of cross-functional teams
  • Experience with creating wireframes and refining them with your team
  • Interest in UX and UI, and user research
  • Passion for experimentation and data analysis
  • Working “on the ground” in cross-functional product development teams
  • Proficient with industry-standard Product Management tools, including but not limited to: Jira; your wireframing tool-of-choice (Figma, Sketch, Omnigraffle, Balsamiq, …)
  • Strong written and spoken communicator

Other skills and experience we’re interested in

We think it’s important to make it clear that if you’re reading the below requirements and worrying that you don’t have experience with one, some, or any of the items on the list, please still apply. We think they’re trainable and are not required for a successful applicant to come in and change our world.

  • Experience in fast-paced startups and scaleups
  • Technical skills – particularly python and SQL
  • Proficiency with Heap, Tableau and Hotjar
  • Familiarity with how common Backend and Frontend infrastructure and designs work – for example, how an API works and under what circumstances you might use an internal API or an external API
  • Experience in user research
  • Some experience with experimentation and data analysis tools, and using them as part of your day to day work

Hiring Process

  • A member of the team you will be working with will review your CV. If we don’t progress you at this stage, ask us why – we don’t offer feedback on every CV by default due to the volume but we’re happy to provide feedback if asked
  • A 15 to 30-minute initial phone call to find out more about what you’re looking for in your next role and team, as well as giving you the opportunity to ask about us and the job
  • A more in-depth chat about your knowledge, experience and motivations and diving into more detail about the role itself.
  • There will be a task, which we send to you beforehand and book in a session for you to walk us through what you’ve done. This will help give you an idea of what the role will entail, while giving us some insight into how you solve problems and your work preferences.
  • For our final stage, you’ll have a couple of other calls to meet the team you’ll be working with and ask any additional questions you might have about the business or working at Wayhome. We’ll be able to be more specific about these closer to the time, but these are really to get a better understand of how you’ll work with the team and all of the ways you can contribute to our culture.

End to end this process shouldn’t take more than a few weeks, although we’re open to being flexible if you require a shorter or longer timeline. Applicants must have the right to work in the UK as we are currently unable to offer sponsorship.

We currently have no plans to work with recruiters on this role, so no recruiters please

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