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Full-Time Anywhere Closes: 2021-08-25

Hi! At WeLoveNocode we help founders create products without code. There are 18 of us, we just raised a Seed round from the Snapchat Product Directors and we’re remote, but that doesn’t stop us from benefiting each other and building a cool company together!

Nocode is perhaps the fastest growing industry in the world right now, so we search for a Product Manager on part-time or full-time, with whom we want to increase conversions at app.welovenocode.com and to reach $1M MRR


If this is about you, contact us:

>You have advanced English, and speak English as well as your native language.

>You know how to write the perfect project description, so that the first version can be done in a week

>You worked in a SaaS product

>You took Product Management courses, and the words JTBD, user story, RICE prioritization don’t make you want to google it 🙂

>You know what NoCode is, and have worked with Tilda/Zapier as well.

>You know how to do market analysis, competitor research, keywords analysis with tools like semrush/simillarweb/ahrefs


What will you have to do?

Your goal will be to increase the key conversions of app.welovenocode.com such as Churn, Retention, Trial => Subscription conversion, etc… Does that sound scary? Don’t worry, it’s possible 🙂 We will help you if you need it.

What do we offer you for this?

>Market salary

>Training in the most popular no-code platforms

>Independence for those who need it

>Help and management for those who don’t need independence 🙂

>Full Remote

And then we will make a better company together.

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