Full-Time United States Salary: Salary begins at $130,000 range and increases based on experience

Product Manager Position Description

LINC’s Big Vision

We are working to transform learning towards personalization and equity. To do this, we train teachers to be “generative” in their practices and innovate within their classes on an ongoing basis. This training is primarily facilitated through LINC’s SaaS platform LINCspring, an interactive professional learning platform for adult learners. Through our work, we aspire to exponentially multiply generativity. Right now, our BHAG is “100 Million generative humans by 2030” and we need an experienced and insightful product manager to help us achieve this goal.

Your LINC Mission 

Your primary mission as LINC’s Product Manager is to learn our customers, build a vision for serving them via LINC’s SaaS platform LINCspring, and manage the technological innovation funnel to best meet their needs. It is essentially to make LINCspring the best, most engaging professional learning experience ever.


Learning & Listening – LINCspring Technical R&D

Talk with customers to get ongoing product feedback & assess customer needs
Establish ongoing feedback systems for user experience & ideation from each user base
Conduct market research & trend analysis to ensure product innovation keeps pace
Obtain feedback that informs keep or kill decisions for BETA releases or new features in testing
Share learnings with other product teams and collaborate on overall product strategy
Other duties as assigned

Product Management 

Evangelize technical solution needs to execute LINC’s mission, capture market opportunities, and serve clients
Lead the collaborative creation of the product roadmap for future development of LINC’s technology solutions
Contribute product leadership that informs overall business strategy
Other duties as assigned

SDLC Contribution 

Analyze business requirements and write user stories for the technical team in order to execute new product development aligned to the product roadmap
Contribute to UAT processes to ensure product meets acceptance criteria
Work with sales and marketing team members on go-to-market strategy for new product release
Support internal and external training for new product releases
Other duties as assigned

What We’re Looking For

LINC builds its team based on two things:

The “right person” is aligned to and exudes LINC’s core values: Equity, Trust, Risk-Taking, Agency, Collaboration, and Vitality

The person who joins will be a good fit to land in the “right seat”.

In this respect, we are looking for someone who brings experience in education product management and sufficient technical knowledge to serve as the main bridge between the business and engineering side of the house. The person who steps into this role should demonstrate the following “GWC” criteria:

Gets It:

Gets LINC’s niche of personalized, transformational learning at scale
Gets that LINC cannot execute its mission without an inspiring product that continuously drives learning through high fidelity engagement
Gets human motivation factors for self-driven learning and engagement
Gets ROI analysis and its function in driving product innovation
Gets PDLC management
Gets LINC’s core values
Gets LINC’s commitment to transforming learning for equity and student centered classrooms

Wants It:

Wants to manage 1000 ideas to get to 1 golden idea to move forward
Wants to take accountability for maximizing ROI in product innovation
Wants to manage LINC’s technical product development life cycle
Wants to serve as the bridge between the external-facing business analysis and internal engineering lifecycle
Wants to innovate, create, and collaborate regularly to make products meet and exceed client expectations
Wants to bring team members from different departments and business units together to collaboration across the technical PDLC
Wants to contribute to strategic planning

Capacity to do It:

Capacity and strength in Edtech product management
Capacity and experience in understanding educator mindset and workflow
Capacity and strength in creating clear business requirements
Capacity and strength in listening and learning customer needs
Capacity and strength in prioritization, saying no, and killing features as needed
Capacity in learning experience design to inform learning product development
Capacity in collaborating with team members towards the PDLC
Capacity to receive feedback and apply it with a growth mindset

Aligned to LINC’s core value of equity, defined in part as “breaking barriers”, we are open to both conventional and unconventional educational and career backgrounds, and we encourage anyone who believes they have the passion and skill set to do the job to apply. We’re always looking for the people who add value and diverse perspectives to our strong team culture and collective wisdom.

Why Being a “LINCredible” is Awesome

We’re a fun, inspiring team that puts culture and connection first.
We’re serious about our mission, so you will feel a deep sense of purpose.
We believe in an empowered team and we’re serious about doing empowerment work.
We are committed to nurturing your vitality and harmonizing work/life commitments.
We are a generative company, so your insight will always be valued for growth.

Salary begins at $130,000 range and increases based on experience
LINC offers medical, dental, vision, and other insurance benefits, a 401(k) retirement plan, transit, medical spending and dependent care benefits
$100/month phone reimbursement
Up to 15 days PTO along with additional company holidays
Gain relevant experience with one of the world’s fastest-growing education technology companies
Join a fun and high-performing team that is passionate about our work
Experience work at a fast-paced company with an awesome social mission

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