Product Manager

Product Manager

Project Ocean is seeking a Product Manager to join the team.  

How do you move fast in a large organisation? How do you make the right bets to make sure that what you are building is going to be useful to people? We have been experimenting with using a set of tools from lean product development to rapidly iterate on individual products while at the same time balance all of the ideas that crop up across the entire space of opportunities.

We have proven that we can get things done quickly at low risk and we now want to scale this approach out to allow us to look at a wider set of product opportunities.

You will be responsible for creating experiments to test our thinking around an immediate set of three possible products, and beyond that to help us prioritise and test a wide range of other product ideas. Weekly you should be constructing tests that allow us to make decisions around whether to continue to work on a product idea, as well as helping us to refine the ideas that we believe have real potential. You will be working with internal teams as well as partners from some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

We have had success using tools such as the lean product canvas and lean value tree, and supporting our analysis of risks and opportunities by applying pirate metrics to different business models and you will be expected to pick up these tools and be fluent in leading the use of them. We are open to any ideas that bring us rapid insight, and if you find better ways to validate or reject our hypothesis we will be interested in trying out any approach that can help us to get to scale.

The ultimate goal of the role is to help us get to a point where we can bring new products to market.

Key Tasks:

  •  Lead on driving experiments around ideas in current development
  • Help the team make go / no go decisions on these ideas
  • Coordinate creation of testable prototypes
  • Run user tests
  • Be responsible for reporting on outcome of tests, both qualitative and quantitative
  • Help the team create a strategy for how to build MVPs for successful product ideas
  • Help the team prioritise further opportunities
  • Develop business cases for product ideas
  • Coordinate design sprints where appropriate
  • Coordinate with other SAGE teams such as marketing, IT and Design


The candidate should have:

Successful Product Launch Experience

Lean Product Development Experience

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Prioritizing Workloads like a Workload Prioritization Machine

Research and Analysis Skills

Curiosity and enthusiasm