Growth and Community Associate/Manager

Full-Time Anywhere

We are building the Zapier for data analysis.
Every week, business users download CSV files and waste time cleaning data from multiple sources, only to make basic decisions. We think there is a better way to do it, without letting go of their favorite platform: spreadsheets.

Why Join Now?
As one of our full-time hires, you’ll be working very closely with the founders and will get a front-row seat for this very exciting startup journey that lies ahead of us. We are backed by Entrepreneur First.

About the Role.
We are looking for a community owner to help build and engage a community around data analysis for business users through online channels such as Slack, FB- and LinkedIn-groups, and/or Reddit.
You will be working closely with the founders to help build the Airboxr brand in our space. This will include content in both written and video forms (no, you don’t need to be an expert video maker to apply). You will split your time between building a presence for Airboxr through social and SEO channels, and building and managing a community of users.

We expect you to be a strong generalist, great at planning and organization, and comfortable with technology. The more data-oriented you are, the better… we are a data company after all! But most importantly—we expect you to be empathetic toward the community and our users. We expect you to be the voice of the community within the team.

You will be the voice of the community within the team.

In your growth role, you will:

  • Get users within our ICP (ideal customer profile) to install Airboxr and try it out.
  • Work with our data analysts to identify high-value users and engage them personally.
  • Seek out avenues to build brand presence.
  • Create and own our content strategy.
  • Own social channel strategy, with a focus on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Analyzing Airboxr’s internal data from ActiveCampaign, Segment, Mixpanel, etc. with a view to influence strategy.

In your community-building role, you will:

  • Focus on finding new users and answering their questions on external and owned communities, possibly on Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Quora, Subreddits, and Twitter.
  • Replying to and engaging with current community members on Slack, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.
  • Build long-term strategy for building and managing community.
  • You are not expected to spend a lot of time and effort on PPC marketing, although you may need to review stats and run ads from time to time based on learnings from the community. However, this is not a PPC marketing role.

What you look like.
Ideally you have a strong online presence with a focus on startups (but ideally data). You manage an existing group and know how you replicate the magic with us. You have used tools like AHREF, SEMRush etc. in the past and know how to prioritize content plans. You are extremely comfortable with writing content on semi-technical topics (like spreadsheets!).

Even if you don’t meet all of the above, go ahead and apply! We don’t expect the same person to have everything that’s needed—as long as you can learn quickly, you will be welcome.

The following is also important, given that we’ll be collaborating remotely:

  • Familiarity and comfort with online communication through multiple channels (Slack, Zoom etc.).
  • Ability to communicate thoughts and opinions clearly in written and verbal communications.
  • Ability to think critically and form opinions based on information available.

A 4-hour overlap with Singapore is highly preferred.

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