Product Manager/Owner

We have decided to transform the Czech Republic into a yachting hub and we are seeking an experienced Product Manager/Owner who will help us to turn this plan into reality.

Our company Zindulka is well known for renting yachts all around the world, organizing captain licenses and providing many additional services to the yachting community. Mainly it is changing the yachting world, investing into newest technologies, dramatically expanding and entering new markets.

YOU now have the unique opportunity to become a part of this transformation and leave your mark on the yachting world.

Why do we need a Product Manager/Owner?

We are constantly improving, innovating, launching. Small as well as big things. We are entering new markets, adding new products and categories, and creating completely new services. In the real environment, frontend and backend. We strongly believe that to make this happen and be successful, a leader is necessary to ensure this process is effective, fast and coordinated through the whole company including sales, marketing, software development, external suppliers and legal.

Why are we better than another startup company?

We have global mind and ambitions as well as other startups. However, you will not be facing any investment issues with us. Being a part of WMC Group, we can offer you a verified and stable business model, which has been generating profit.

Having this competitive advantage gives us access to marketing services provided by one of the best marketing agencies on the market, WMC Grey, and the best developers and ecommerce specialist from the company Actum. We use modern technologies and tools including Salesforce, IBM Marketing Cloud, Kentico, React, React Native, Power BI, Kebola, GA, Jira.

To be successful in this role, you will need:

  • product management experience in an IT company, startup company, services or environment that predetermines your ability to understand our environment.
  • to speak fluently English.
  • work hard and systematically.
  • project Management experience, preferably in Agile (Scrum, Lean Development), however you will leverage from experience with waterfall method as well. Our Agile Coach will teach you Scrum.
  • seniority: ability to take responsibility, have courage to make decisions, strength to defend…and ability to deliver.

What can you expect:

  • a manager and the owner of Zindulka, who never sleeps.
    a professional team of 15 intelligent people in the right positions, who know what they are doing.
  • monthly and yearly bonuses if we meet our targets (which we usually do).
    5 weeks of annual leave (could be on a yacht because you can get it cheaper and the captain license is on us).
  • informal and international environment, AAA style offices, the best coffee in town, option to choose Mac or Windows notebook, education, travelling, fun as well as worries.

Don’t think twice, the wind is blowing our way and we need to pull up the sails! This may be your life-changing decision…