Product Manager – User Engagement

Full-Time Anywhere Salary: $90,000-$120,000

About Treecard

Treecard is building the leading green finance ecosystem. We’re powered by Ecosia, the search engine that has planted trees over 125M trees to date and have over 30M monthly active users.

We are founded on the pledge to direct 80% of all profits to reforestation projects and sustainable investments and are on a mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2026. We have raised $5.1m to date and have built a waiting list of over 160,000 people, with 40% of all sign ups being referred by a friend or family. We signed up over 100,000 users to our waiting list in the first month of our announcement (breaking all of Revolut, Monzo and Curve’s launch records).

Our first product is a wooden debit card that plants free trees as you spend. We plan to launch our card program in late Summer 2021. Beyond that, we look to build out a suite of green financial services that put profits to work to protect and restore the planet.

Product Manager Profile

As Treecard’s Product Manager – User Engagement, you will be responsible for ensuring that our product drives high user engagement while at the same time making sure each and every Treecard user feels aware of and connected to the impact they have every time they use their Treecard. Our users need to feel not only engaged with our product, but engaged with our mission, impact, and vision as well. You will be responsible for thinking from a product perspective of how our product can drive that engagement and connection to our social impact. You will be expected to partner closely with our product designers and engineers to design and develop product features and functionalities.

What you’ll do:

  • Own the entire end-to-end product roadmap for Treecard’s impact center and other user engagement product features
  • Spend ample time with our current user base to develop a strong sense of empathy and bring your findings of our users back into the product development process, keeping user personas front and center while designing product features
  • Design and develop product features and functionalities that will drive user engagement and connection across all product types (debit offering to start, as well as upcoming products such as credit and others)
  • Augment and enhance our current engagement strategies
  • Set clear and consistent performance indicators and goals for product engagement
  • Ensure that individual impact is front and center throughout the product journey
  • Report directly to the Head of Product and interact closely with product designers and other product managers
  • Authoring and prioritizing requirements, use cases, and stories, and work closely with engineering during execution to ensure the product is built as envisioned
  • Work in a high-paced, ever-changing, dynamic startup environment

What we’re looking for:

  • 2-5 years of product management experience
  • Experience creating, building, and launching fintech products
  • Knowledge of human-centered design principles
  • Product gaming and/or product animation experience
  • Proven ability to create and design products that lead to high user engagement and stickiness
  • Ability to interact and smoothly manage a variety of different stakeholders, including senior leadership, engineers, marketing team, and others
  • Strong technology and business acumen
  • Superior communication skills, especially in a remote environment
  • Highly self-motivated with an appetite for a startup environment that is evolving rapidly
  • Strong ability to evaluate, prioritize, and communicate requirements and feature roadmap

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