Full-Time UK Salary: £40,000 to £60,000 p.a. Closes: 2021-10-17

You will be one of the first employees and will manage the product development, with an opportunity to grow into leading and owning the product.

This is a VC backed, newly formed, team led by experienced Founders with a deep understanding of the ageing space, consumer technology and lean startup methodologies. You will be reporting directly to the Founders, and together we will solve social isolation and loneliness experienced by over-60s, through fostering lifelong learning and social connection.

We’re an early stage startup, currently with 7 people. You’ll get early stage startup autonomy and flexibility.

As the platform expands we need to develop a Product and Engineering team to deliver the best experience for our growing user base, build community features to allow people to make meaningful connections with others, and really own solving the customer problems. If we didn’t do this we would risk building something that our users don’t love. Your job would be to use customer feedback to help us build products that our customers love and enjoy using.

To achieve this you’ll:

  • Manage the product development and testing life cycle, acting as a go-between with the Founders and development agency – in future this will be an in-house team of engineers (~80% of your time )
  • Support other internal teams such as community and marketing in customer discovery and development to help inform future product roadmap (~10% of your time)
  • Monitor product developments of competitors and aspirational tech companies to learn and help inform our product roadmap (~10% of your time)



We are here to indulge your curiosity, connect you to like-minded people, entertain and empower you once you are no longer in full time work.

We offer more than 50 live events every month online, covering a variety of activities and interests such as pilates, yoga, musical concerts, cooking demonstrations, dancing and craft workshops, educational lectures, and many more to come.

The number of people aged over 60 will rise sharply over the next 30 years. This demographic consists of a generation of people with considerable time and spending power. Referred to as the ‘young-old’, they are internet savvy and ready to embrace new technologies.

We’re on a mission to build a community of millions of ‘young-old’, where they can share, learn from and grow with each other.

Launched in 2020, with a growing community of 30,000 strong, we’re a diverse team of seven spread across London and the South West. We’ve been part of several prestigious accelerator programmes, received over $1m in funding from Venture Capital funds, and won six figure prize money through competitions from notable public sector bodies.

You can learn more about Mirthy on our website.

Read more about our brand from one of our VC investors here.

Have a look at some industry press here.



What we’re hoping to see highlighted on your CV and application:


  • Demonstrated experience as a Product Manager, ideally in a high growth consumer technology company
  • Knowledge of, and experience working with, various Product frameworks and agile methodologies
  • Strong project and time management skills, with the ability to prioritize effectively, thinking critically about user needs, size of prize and feasibility, whilst managing stakeholder expectations adequately
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Diligent and organised, with good attention to detail, so that you are able to manage rapidly changing circumstances and priorities
  • Enthusiastic self-starter that will be able to work in a fast-paced environment, with bias towards Minimum Viable Product delivery that aligns with the product vision


  • Experience working with various analytics tools to help inform product development e.g. Hotjar, Google Analytics, Heap
  • Experience working with Wagtail or similar content management systems


To be a great fit at Mirthy, we look for individuals who share OUR VALUES:

  1. Caring and empathetic. We are all equals, and care about our community, our team, and those around us
  2. Curious. We will always strive to do better, to learn and to ask questions
  3. Community Driven. We want to harbour friendships and create new connections
  4. Positive and aspirational. We look for the best in every situation
  5. Innovative. We believe in consistently improving, trying new things, and testing what works
  6. Inclusive. We are open to everyone, from all walks of life



We’re committed to making Mirthy a fantastic place to work, and we will go to great lengths to give you what you need to succeed. You’ll receive:

  • £40,000 – £60,000 annual salary, depending on experience
  • 25 days holiday, plus bank holidays, and as a bonus, your birthday off too!
  • Pension with NEST (employer contribution 3% of base salary)
  • A remote role with flexible working hours (access to a London base for all hands meetings every 2-4 weeks with travel expenses paid)
  • Access to co-working space through Hubble Day Pass (access to 300+ spaces)
  • A learning and development budget
  • Laptop & full set-up at home
  • Quarterly team socials, all expenses paid