Technical Product Manager ll

Flipboard is a content discovery platform for your passions, interests, and news. Available on the web, iOS, and Android, Flipboard recommends articles, video, and audio shared by the world’s top publishers, content creators, and our awesome Flipboard community to advance conversation, keep people informed, and inspire them to engage, learn and lead.

We are looking for a Technical Product Manager to further the mission to inform and inspire the world. As Technical Product Manager, you will deliver features and improvements on the core product across iOS, Android, and the web. You will take on deeply technical projects across the product, starting with growth-driving efforts around our email and notification infrastructure, SEO, and contextual onboarding. Over time, you will help shape the product strategy as we work together to drive deeper engagement, foster better retention, and deliver an unbeatable product that our users love.

On a day-to-day basis, you’ll work across a variety of teams and develop strong relationships with Engineering, Design, Analytics, Growth, Marketing, and Editorial teams. Collaboration and communication are central to your success, and you ensure the right set of stakeholders are in the loop on product planning, discussions, and decisions.

You’ll take responsibility for understanding the needs of our users through qualitative and quantitative methods. Together with the product, design, and engineering teams, you’ll brainstorm solutions that fit our needs. You’ll validate your proposals with user research and A/B testing. You’ll ship winning treatments and features to millions of Flipboard users, measure impact, and use the learnings to fuel the next round of improvements. You’ll celebrate insights and wins with your team and the rest of the company.

In this role, you will…

  • Define and document product specifications with sufficient detail suitable for engineering teams
  • Clearly set expectations with engineering on knowns vs unknowns in the product specification so engineering can appropriately plan the technical specification
  • Closely and continually partner with product team members to identify overlap and intersection points between product efforts
  • Communicate technical progress into language suitable for stakeholders and leadership
  • Schedule and run meetings with the development team and stakeholders as needed
  • Inspire engineers, designers, and analysts by conveying the product vision and impact of their work to Flipboard goals
  • Collaborate with analytics team in both planning phase and measuring impact
  • Collaborate with the design team on user research and validation planning
  • Collaborate with engineering teams on technical planning and execution
  • Validate concepts early and cheaply through a combination of user testing and AB testing
  • Develop product plans for areas of ownership and participate in overall product planning cycles

You have 3-5 years total of engineering and product management experience. You’ve spent at least 1 year as an engineer, an engineering manager, or a similar technical role. As an engineer or product owner, you’ve developed APIs and features connecting a frontend experience and a backend system, ultimately shipping, supporting, and improving the capability based on customer feedback. You’re an advocate for clear APIs and contracts, an expert in root cause analysis, and always willing to adjust product scope based on engineering feedback.

You have strong product instincts, an analytical approach, and a growth mindset. You are seeking a role where you’ll do the best work of your career, where you take on challenges big and small, supported by a strong, nurturing team that you support in return.

You are proactive in seeking data at every step of the product development process. But you also know that data can be skewed, biased, or incomplete. You know how to differentiate between causation and correlation and communicate the two clearly in your analyses. You can analyze large structured and unstructured data sets using SQL and analytics tools such as Looker or Tableau. You identify, isolate and test assumptions, adopting a hypothesis-driven approach when executing your product plan. And while you’re data-informed in your decision-making, you know there are times you need to exercise judgment and make decisions that aren’t supported by data.

You know how to drive the product process forward, expecting the unexpected, relentlessly focusing on actions and owners. You are a synthesizer, an organizer, a structured thinker. You understand the importance of pre-work before meetings, calendar invites with clear agendas, and documenting ideas, decisions, and next steps. You’re proficient working in JIRA or similar issue tracking systems, and you’re adept at working on several projects, features, or tickets at once.

Remote Work
All teams at Flipboard are working remotely during the pandemic. This role may work remotely during and after the pandemic from anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Benefits & Perks

  • Our benefits include vision, dental, life, and health insurance, plus 401K with a company match
  • Flexible hours and generous ‘out of office time’ for holidays, vacations, sick leave, relaxation & wellness, personal and family needs
  • Subsidized commuter programs (post-pandemic)
  • Team celebrations: company anniversaries, birthdays,
  • Thanksgiving, weddings/babies –– you name it, we celebrate it!

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