Product Manager

To facilitate the planning, forecasting and production of a product/project at all stages of the lifecycle. A Product Manager at Common Good is the person responsible for askinganswering and delivering against: 

  • What is the right product?
  • Why is that the right thing?
  • How do we make it happen?


Key traits and responsibilities

  • Positive, calm, engaging, collaborative and proactive
  • Empowers others to lead
  • Sustains the energy and focus in the team
  • Understands and empathises with the challenges large organisations have
  • Understands and empathises with the challenges start-ups have
  • Understands the fine balance between customer needs and business objectives
  • Passionate about planning products and developing adaptive approaches


Relationship: Design

  • Along with the design lead inspires the team
  • Instils team with the confidence to explore
  • Responsible for reminding the team of their focus and the challenge they’re answering
  • Manages moral – identifies and helps resolve issues and conflicts within team
  • Communicates and facilitates the appropriate methods and tools to use
  • Communicates and defines the roles, responsibilities and expectations of the team for duration of the product lifecycle
  • Leads, facilitates, collaborates and engages in cross-functional design teams
  • Leads, contributes and participates in team sessions including planning and debriefs
  • Identifies customers and defines prototype business models
  • Facilitate urgency and progress with work/life balance
  • Involved in qualitative research and capable of running testing, articulating user stories if needed
  • Embraces and interested in bringing new technology, ideas, experiments into the studio


Relationship: Business

  • Establishes and manages relationships
  • Keeps client/partner/business constantly informed
  • Defines product scope, goals and deliverables in collaboration with key stakeholders in line with business strategy and objectives
  • Updates on progress reports and change requests
  • Business design and product market understanding (preferable service design experience)
  • Break down business, user and tech requirements for the team, defining MVPs – business and customer needs
  • Storytelling to team, client and community – in the form of presentations, decks etc
  • Understanding stakeholders and business with strategic insight to identify, analyse and resolve risk and seek out new business opportunity



  • Manage and oversee delivery of products
  • Own product vision, execution and client relationship
  • Planning and analytical skills, creating design briefs and scope of works
  • Envision service concepts (roadmaps) 
  • Lead product development from early explorations through to execution
  • Workshop planning, project kick-offs, presentations and facilitation
  • Developing and managing budgets and modelling forecast revenue and expenses
  • Planning and running agile projects and processes, including facilitating sprints/phases
  • Can manage different products and teams in parallel
  • Define product analytics and definition of metrics for client and team



Common Good is a people-centred company. We strive to create an exciting and vibrant culture with great benefits. We offer a competitive package including; Monday lunches, paid maternity and paternity leave, flexible work hours, medical cover, pension plan and a non-policy on holidays.

We are an equal opportunity employer. Diverse teams help us make better products. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds.

We’re open to applications from all levels with experience. But you’ll need to prove you have the qualities and abilities to excel at Common Good.

If we sound like we might be the right fit for you, we’d love to hear from you.