Full-Time Anywhere Salary: £50,000 - £70,000

Firstly, What are we trying to achieve at Flick?
We’re an Instagram marketing platform that’s on a mission to help creators, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Social Media Managers live better lives by saving them time, helping them get things done, and improving their results.

Over the last 2 years, we’ve focused on helping people with their hashtags and analytics – with over 20,000 paying customers, we’re now looking at the adjacent problems that we can work on to help make their lives easier.


A message from me (Loic – Co-Founder & Head of Product)
We’re looking for individuals to form the foundation of our new cross-functional teams. This means you’ll have a lot of freedom & opportunity to grow via solving hard problems with huge ownership of the feature/product you’re working on. Our team is full of highly motivated & super-intelligent people who love to extract the most out of life.

Till now, the only product manager was myself, however with a growing team and customer base we are excited to welcome a second product manager to the team focussed on owning a large part of our product. If any of the above sounds interesting to you, and you’re keen to work in a fast-growing (bootstrapped) product startup, innovating in the marketing space, I’d love to hear from you.

What you’ll do

  • Own new features from start to finish. You will often be the only PM working on a particular part of the product. This will give you the opportunity to carry your vision through from birth to deployment.
  • Improve existing features. With a constant stream of user feedback available at your fingertips, you’ll look to understand what parts of our existing product can be improved and how.
  • Lead product discovery projects. Leverage user interviews, session recordings, feature requests and our extensive behavioural data to extract and refine the problems our users are facing. Translate problems / opportunities into tangible customer problems, through research and regular interaction with customers; define and frame those problems for the team
  • Define and own the roadmap for your part of the product. Through user and data research, you will be responsible for determining the roadmap and prioritising work for a large part of our product, with the focus always on delivering maximum value to our users and solving the problems outlined in the discovery phase.
  • Lead a cross-functional team. You will be leading your team of engineers and designers to execute on your roadmap and produce value for our users. Motivate a group of committed, smart people to do the best work of their careers
  • Define the appropriate scope. For every solution to a user problem you will insure we reduce the scope as much as we can to deliver the maximum amount of value in the shortest amount of time to our users.
  • Define and run product experiments. Make hypothesis about how to move the key metrics tied to your area of the product and run sets of well designed unbiased experiments.
  • Understand our business strategy. Identify business problems and opportunities that can change the trajectory of the business

What makes you a great fit

  • 3+ years of experience shipping product – We are looking for someone who has been had experience owning the whole product lifecycle and has a proven track record of delivering high value solutions to users’ problems. As you will be owning large parts of our product it is important that you’ve been exposed to the problems faced when taking a product from vision to production.
  • Value personal & team growth – In a fast moving world we are looking for team members who are not afraid to constantly push themselves out of their comfort area.We believe:
    • Flick can act as a playground for your growth.
    • The things you work on should be seen as your blank page. Express your creativity as you wish.
    • There’s space for innovation at every level of the business. No matter what you’re working on, you should feel you have the freedom & flexibility to innovate.
  • Empathy combined with an analytical mind – Working in a small team means you need to be able to own and excel in every aspect of product discovery. Use your empathy to better understand user problems through interviews and other qualitative methods. Leverage your analytical mind, to deep dive into our data and validate hypotheses. Blending both these attributes will provide you with the context you need to make the best product decisions for the team and our users.
  •  You’re highly productive and think on your feet. – We release updates every 1-2 weeks. You can break down big projects into small deliverables. You care about the outcome and take a pragmatic approach to deliver it. You know when to reduce the scope to release on time or push back the release to ensure you maintain a high product quality.
  • A passion and appreciation for beautiful products – Being a product manager is hard, your work is often left unseen yet you are often the first person people look at when things go wrong. To thrive in this role you need to be passionate about the product space. Do you find yourself scrolling through Producthunt for the fun and joy of discovering a perfectly crafted software? Do you feel outraged when you are using someone else’s software where they have so clearly neglected usability testing?You will need to deploy a high level of care and attention in order to ship the most valuable solutions to the most painful problems our user base is facing. This can only done when one truly cares about the product.
  •  Experience owning the whole product lifecycle. – You have a track record of working on great web applications. You have successfully discovered user problems, explored potential solutions, validated them, worked with your product team to design solutions, owned the execution of the solution and launched it to your beloved users.You have experienced working with designers to move from the problem space to the solution space, iterating on designs as feedback comes through. You have experience working with engineers to break down large, complex projects into smaller tasks with rapid iterative milestones and clear outcomes, to produce predictable product roadmaps.
  • Comfortable working in a scaling startup – In a reduced team, you will need to be strategist, manager and executer. Being a product manager in a small teams means that you will need to be comfortable wearing a variety of hats. You should enjoy planning the high level strategy for your part of the product but also feel invigorated when jumping in the trenches and QA’ing a feature before launch.
  • Product Spidey-Senses – You have a natural intuition as to what will and won’t work for users of a product. This is true both at a low level (small UI decisions) and higher level decisions on what solutions or hypotheses to test. Intuition should always be validated by data but good intuition can drastically speed up the time to value for our users.
  • Experimentation is second nature to you – When you are faced with an unknown, instead of guessing what the answer may be you often fallback to data or design an experiment to validate your thoughts. You enjoy designing intricate experiments with clear experiment parameters that take into account external biases and aim to eliminate them. When the experiment is finished you are quick to document learnings and where appropriate plan them into the roadmap.

Bonus points that will make you an even better fit!

  • You love to explore new and innovative way to decide what to build and lead a team to creating valuable products. Your reading list might include Inspired by Marty Cagan or the Lean startup by Eric Ries.
  • You have experience in the social media marketing space and have some knowledge around the frustrations experienced by brands and individuals trying to grow their presence online.
  • You are experienced in using tools like Notion, Amplitude and Full Story.
  • Experienced being in a team that was building big data products. This could include search engines or analytical tools.
  • You are comfortable working remotely and are good at structuring your time.
  • You have experience working with OKRs (Objective & Key Results).
  • You are comfortable letting people know when you don’t have the answer to something or need help on a particular task.
  • You are a data geek and love exploring Amplitude or Mixpanel looking for interesting trends in your users’ behavioural data.
  • You have experienced working with feature flags.

Tools we work with

  • Notion – Roadmap and knowledge base
  • Amplitude & Chart.io – Data storage and exploration
  • Launch Darkly – Feature Flags and Experimentation
  • Figma – Product design
  • Full Story / Datadog – User session recordings
  • Intercom – Product Marketing, User Outreach
  • Miro – Brainstorming and project kick-offs
  • Typeform – User surveys

Perks & Benefits

  • Home office setup budget & goodies – Kit up your home office or workstation.
  • Self-development fund – Books, courses or whatever you want.
  • Vacation – 25 days paid time off for vacation, holidays & sick days.
  • Work remotely – Work from anywhere in the world.

Application process
Our process aims to ensure that both sides get a feel of what it’s like to work together day-to-day. Our process is as follows:

  1. Getting to know your values and experience. We’ll reach out asking you to share with us what excites you about this role at Flick.
  2. A call with Loic. Both parties get to know each other. I’ll ask questions about your past experience and you will learn more about the team and Flick. At this point, you can ask us any questions that you might have.
  3. A zoom call with another member of the team. Jump on a call with another team member to get to know who you might be working with a little better.

Interested? I’d love to chat 🙂

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