Adaptive Lab is an ambitious and fast growing product and innovation company. We partner with intrapreneurs at large corporates and entrepreneurs at early stage startups to help them solve business challenges, design prototypes and iteratively develop technology products.


We like to think that if IDEO, Frog, Fjord or Method were built today they’d be like us. If you work at a place like this and are looking to move or aspire to you should read on.


We’re seeking a smart, curious and hard working product manager or service designer to join our team of 12 based in Shoreditch, London. Being a small company the role can change on a daily basis but what you can typically expect is to be running workshops with senior clients, interviewing target users, lots of sketching, defining high-level product strategy, writing user stories, working with developers to decide the best way to implement that strategy, and analysing product performance data.


Some call them T shaped people, others call them Pi shaped but either way we’re looking for those who can combine left and right brain thinking in the right way to deliver brilliant results. More specifically that means we’re looking for:


  • Problem solvers

  • Creative yet analytical thinkers

  • Visionaries who know what the first small step is

  • Experienced designers

  • Confident technologists

  • Empathetic leaders


For us product managers/service designers manage client relationships and lead internal teams which means we’re looking for experience across the following areas:


  • Product management or ownership/service design

  • Client management and business development

  • Project management


Finally it should go without saying but… you need to balance an attention to detail with the ability to deliver to deadlines.



We exist because of the term Creative Destruction. The landscape is moving fast and big companies are being challenged by young, small, smart ones. In this fast moving world we offer what we call Full Stack Innovation which is a bit like a fusion of design thinking and lean startup thinking. Translated this means rapid research, design and technology. We apply this to help our partners (clients) compete, innovate and grow.


You’ve probably not heard of us yet because our star is still rising, but we’re a team of 12 thinkers, designers and builders based in a quirky office on Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch.


We’ve produced a variety of work over the past 4 & a half years including an iOS app that recommends music events based on the music people listen to most, a voting application that sees over 20 million monthly page impressions and a social data analytics platform that consumes and analyses 2million social updates in real time every day.


We’re happiest when our partners give us problems which we can explore through conversations with their business and audience. Really we’re big believers that things need to be tangible and testable quickly so we like to move rapidly from the research stage to the point where we’re sketching to test our thinking and assumptions before we start to build a technical prototype.


We’re keen to collaborate as much as possible with partners and like to field a team consisting of a product manager, designer and two developers. In a nod to Amazon we call this a one pizza team but more seriously think this cross-disciplinary approach really helps deliver great results.


We’ve got a range of clients from two man startups who are wildly ambitious, driven and in love with their business to some at the other end of the scale – plcs who are equally ambitious and keen to dominate. This breadth keeps life interesting and importantly allows exposure (and loads of learning!) to a fantastic range of challenges.


Our future success is reliant on our ability to grow a world class team. To do this we’ve thought hard about what motivates great people. Daniel Pink says it’s Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery. We’re trying hard to build this into how we operate as a business and we’ve made a good start. We need to take it further so try little tweaks and tinkers often.


So if you’ve read this far we’ve done our job of exciting you but now it’s your turn to excite and impress us. We look forward to hearing from you.