Technical Account Manager

Full-Time Anywhere


  • Set up tracking (S2S / Postback, API reports and email importers) and do continuous checks to ensure everything is working
  • Make sure our internal data is complete and correct by trouble shooting and uploading missing data that we receive manually from our partners
  • Join our business development managers in partners calls to sort out data discrepancies or tracking problems
  • Help the tech and data teams by for example preparing new cost importers or screening bug tickets
  • Be the spider in the net making sure our internal systems are working as intended


  • Working with numbers and data (particularly in Excel and online third party interfaces) is something you have experience with
  • You enjoy communicating with external partners both in writing and in video calls (B2B)
  • You are a bit of a control freak in your nature –  not understanding something bothers you to the core
  • Logical thinking comes natural to you – if A is true then B doesn‘t make any sense
  • Attention to detail – your hawk eye can spot something out of place from a mile away and you get a rush of euphoria when the sums in two systems match
  • You have technical affinity and a willingness to learn – servers, APIs and data bases don’t scare you
  • This position is perfect for a generalist – it requires decent communication, analytical and technical skills but no need to be an expert in any

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