Chief Product Officer

Full-Time Anywhere

The AccuWeather Chief Product Officer (CPO) is responsible for product vision, product strategy, and the product design, and ensure the delivery and monetization of the products based on agreed upon dates and ROI. The CPO will oversee every element of the product from its conceptualization to its launch and post-launch performance. The CPO is broadly responsible for the building of great products that add sustainable value in terms of revenue and profits for the business.


  • The most prominent function of the CPO is to head the entire Product Management department. He/she plays a supervisory role to key product owners. The CPO ensures that these key roles are being executed in the most efficient way possible, leading to the overall efficiency of the Product Management department and meeting product and business goals.
  • Mentor for key product management personnel, constantly ensuring improvement in their professional skills and offering assistance in their duties upon request.
  • Leads the transformation of product ideas from their most formidable stages into actionable concepts, timelines, and projects while maintaining a serious consideration of the financial implications, marketing needs, and the overall objectives of the business.
  • The CPO is responsible for the formulation of the Product Management department’s vision and also for imparting that vision in every sub-department and employee in the department.
  • The CPO ensures that AccuWeather has a unified and cohesive product vision. At this capacity, the CPO spearheads the product’s strategy formation as well as execution.
  • The CPO creates and manages a process that drives toward a scalable product portfolio that will in turn drive the business’s product profitability.
  • Ensure continuous improvement in the product as well as the product’s compliance to market needs wrapped in a product experience that continuously and consistently delights the consumers.
  • Responsible for the identification of target consumer segments and markets and play a leading role in evaluating market trends, product industry, and competition strategies from which he can send recommendations on product pricing and positioning to LOBs and GMs.
  • Reviews, refines, and supports product sales strategies.
  • Responsible for the creation of a long-term business methodologies and procedures for conducting research, design conceptualization, prototyping, and product development across the entire product management department. The CPO also hones staff skills across all disciplines of the department.
  • In order to ensure the efficient execution of functions across the entire product management department, the CPO also engages in mentoring of key product management personnel and charged with creating an exciting, dynamic, and sustainable work environment that pulls in and retains talent in the department.
    As the head of the entire product division, the CPO is expected to critic, refine, and make further recommendations on researches and analyses.
  • The CPO is charged with the performance of various product analyses such as gap analysis in an effort to establish product differentiation and execution strategies that will lead to the product’s ultimate success.
  • He/she also, conducts researches and analyses that lead to informed decision making on issues such as cost, utility, and timelines for product implementations.
  • The CPO works closely with R&D Lab (RDL) to help evaluate new ideas and assess which ideas should come to market.
    Other duties may be assigned.


  • 10 years’ experience in a high-ranking Product Management position, preferably as a Head of Product Management in a complex business setting
  • Diverse experience in the fields of product marketing, management, and communications with experience resolving daily internal and external problems and challenges in product management positions that affect a product’s financial and market success.
  • Possess outstanding verbal and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills with a rich blend of analytical, creative, and strategic talents in order to effectively communicate, motivate, and inspire cross-functional teams with professionalism and clarity.
  • Ability to define and analyze numerous product metrics, ability to think strategically and know when and how to apply each in order to influence the success of the product for opportunities.
  • Detail orientated; superior problem solving and organizational and skills; and an ability to conceptualize, prioritize, and manage multiple projects.

AccuWeather is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.