SaaS Technical Product manager/Product Owner

We are a fast-growing technology company that offer an innovative B2B Customer Experience SaaS solution that helps companies to manage queues and bookings for appointments and events on desktop, tablet and even smartphone applications. We work primarily with the enterprise retail market, but also have clients in: health care, local government, hospitality and entertainment/leisure. We work with significant global brands, including O2, Telefonica global and House of Fraser.

We are hiring an experienced Product Owner/Product Manager/Project Manager/Business Analyst to help manage our product and technical projects, and to work with our companies: CEO, CTO, 14 developers (front-end, backend & mobile), 1 x Dev Ops manager, 2 x QA testers and 1x User Interface designers.

The ideal candidate will be: energetic, ambitious, organised, detail-oriented, technically minded, an innovative problem solver and a great motivator and leader. You may have been a project manager, product owner or product manager in a previous role.

The product strategy, direction and road map is defined by our Co-Founders, and we’re looking for a strong and focussed team member to work closely with us to help manage the product requirements. You will report directly to the CEO/Co-Founder and work closely with the CTO/Co-Founder and your role will include:

  • Work with the CEO/CPO and CTO to contribute and refine ideas and solutions that evolve the product vision and road map
  • Clearly articulate and manage product development requirements, through writing, breaking down and refining: product functional specifications and user stores, and mocking-up wireframes and basic visual graphics to support them
  • Usability testing of designs and features
  • Break down functional specifications into JIRA development tickets for development
  • Understand the company’s product through-and-through in order to: answer team and customer questions
  • Attend customer meetings to answer questions and understand product requirements to build these into functional specifications
  • Manage and appropriately prioritise required features and the product backlog
  • Agree sprint plans and release plans and manage the development and QA team to through to completion within the required timeframes
  • Be available for team in all the Scrum ceremonies
  • Manage the timely development of the product road map alongside customer requirements
  • Break down development functional specifications into clear and manageable JIRA tickets and manage the development team creating them through sprint and release management
  • Work with QA to test and manage new features to identify and log improvements and issues to resolve and to build these into further improve specifications
  • Analyse the product capabilities, UI and UX in order to define improvements and realise gaps in the product that fail to meet customer requirements and manage the improvements that need to be made
  • Manage release deployment days alongside the CTO to track performance and identify issues
  • Communicate new releases to relevant stakeholders through visual content that can be shared externally