Stealth Hire #1 = Product Growth x Users x Community

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Join us on our mission to empower individuals around the world based on their knowledge ⭐

The first app on our platform,, reimagines how academic researchers discover and visualize papers and authors, keep up with new literature, share and collaborate, and so much more! We serve academic researchers around the world, and recently received a shoutout in the journal, Nature! 🙌

As a semi-Stealth startup, we’ll reveal more of our plans for the platform and business status over the course of this unconventional process. Suffice to say, we believe there’s an opportunity to completely reimagine the knowledge economy – starting in academia

Make a massive impact! Let us empower you to do the most meaningful work of your life 🚀

Should you join us as our very first hire, you’ll be involved in every. single. aspect. of our platform. You’ll influence the “what” and “how” we build, and the strategic directions we take. And, should we succeed, you’ll have made a dent in the universe

You’ll work hard of course. But we’re committed to making this the most meaningful work of your lifetime. Indeed, as a team focused on empowering individuals, we know that empowerment starts at home – we care deeply about your growth – with us and beyond!

Is this you? 👋

  • Growth Mindset: You know we’re all growing, and that it’s okay to fail. In fact, you see the rich opportunities in failure. You eagerly explore things you don’t know and try things you haven’t done before. You’re always finding ways to work faster, better, smarter
  • High Empathy: You can walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. You feel users’ pain like your own. You don’t assume you’re right, and always believe you can learn from others
  • Passionate: You are ride-or-die for your team and evangelize your products. You love the journey, and everyone who joins you along the way. In the hard times, you remember your “Why” which lights the path ahead
  • Humble But Brave: You’re excited about being on a young, lean, and stealthy team, while holding massive aspirations. You understand that every single user experience matters and can connect those experiences to the massive roadmap ahead. You understand that while we’re disrupting our ecosystem, we need to build trust and love to succeed
  • Collaborative: You understand the importance of team, and how a mixture of perspectives lead to the best results. You see disagreement as an opportunity to arrive at a better answer
  • Grit: You understand that building something from nothing takes tremendous energy, over long periods of time. You know that, for some things, you just need to keep running through those walls, over and over, until we get through it

What you’ll be doing here? 🛠️

What won’t you be doing here?! Things change quickly. However, in the first few months:

  • You’ll onboard and study our market and strategy. We hope that a new pair of eyes will bring many fresh ideas and perspectives to the team!
  • You’ll also take on your share of existing grunt work. No sugarcoating it – you’ll find that we’re an honest, down-to-earth team. There’s going to be the day-to-day grind – responding to emails, customer support, organizing feedback, etc. – and you’ll need to take plenty of shots on goal to score a single point. But trust us, we’re right there with you and all have our share of grunt work as well
  • As you familiarize yourself with our platform, you’ll start taking ownership of the ResearchRabbit app and be responsible for taking it to the moon! 🚀 You’ll help revamp the entire app from top to bottom. And you’ll help ensure that users are getting the most out of our platform. You’ll also be the voice and face of the app with our users!
  • Finally, you’ll start taking leadership and plotting the course for our social media strategies, community initiatives, and large-scale storytelling

Much more on all of this over the course of this process!

Twitter: @RsrchRabbit

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