Product Manager

At Lingumi, we’re building the world’s affordable early education app. Our mission is to bring the world’s best teaching experience to children, through technology.

We’re on an exciting trajectory – over the last year we’ve gained incredible traction through the first course on our platform, and are rapidly scaling our platform and customer base in non-English speaking countries around the world.. However, our target is to teach 100 million children critical skills by 2025, so we’re only just beginning!

So, how do you come into this? We are looking for a product manager to own the experience we deliver to millions of children.. As a Product Manager at Lingumi you will be able to have a global impact, solving challenges for parents and children in over 50 countries. You will also be doing it at lightning speed, and under pressure: we ship to customers daily, not monthly, so you’ll have a chance to learn and iterate fast, and be held accountable for delivering on key product goals.

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

  • You will work across the product, with a particular focus on the ‘child experience’ at the heart of Lingumi, including iterating on and developing the experience of, and technology behind, our learning tools, curriculum structure, and child UI.
  • Working in a cross-functional squad of designers, developers, and commercial analysts you will set the benchmark for quality and speed of delivery, the value we deliver to our Lingumi Families, and some critical business goals
  • You’ll deeply understand the problems that you and the team are solving for, and will define and frame them clearly for your team and the wider company to constantly improve our pace of delivery, roadmap visibility, and results
  • You will work closely with design, developing a thorough understanding of the needs of Lingumi children and grown-ups through research, data analysis, and talking directly with customers
  • You’ll inspire and motivate the team around you to learn and deliver fast by testing hypotheses, iterating quickly, and talking to users
  • You’ll continually monitor and digest data from our daily experiments and millions of app sessions, synthesising insights and ideas to identify what to iterate on next and to spot huge, hidden opportunities
  • You’ll liaise with other Product Managers and team members to align work streams and to share insights and ideas

Here’s what you must be/have:

  • 2+ years working as a product manager in a fast-moving digital product environment, with a proven track record of shipping quality, commercial, and user focused solutions that had impact
  • You build & learn really fast. At Lingumi, speed is critical to team success. You can show concrete examples of how you have quickly taken your hypotheses to users in order to learn, iterate, and ship the most valuable proven solutions quickly and often
  • You can clearly communicate your product decisions and the reasoning behind them
  • You have experience working with both qualitative customer insights and quantitative customer data to inform your decisions, and love working with large volumes of data using Mixpanel or similar analytics tools
  • You enjoy bringing energy and positivity into a room, virtual or physical.  You get cross-functional, culturally-diverse teams working collaboratively and effectively on shared goals, and delivering results with smiles on their faces.

Why you should join us:

  • Our mission is to help children (2-6) all around the world learn critical skills, affordably and effectively, from the world’s best teachers. We teach more effectively than a live teacher, for a fraction of the price, making education scalable, effective, and accessible all around the world.. We’ve started with teaching English to 2-6 year olds, and have already built the most effective, affordable and fun way to do so.
  • Our team are united by our mission, and the effect it has on young learners around the world. That’s what drives everyone at Lingumi, and we work extremely hard to deliver on what is required to achieve it. We aim to consistently improve and deliver great outcomes, but if we don’t, that’s ok – we learn from our mistakes and progress forward.
  • Our culture is rooted in one shared mission, but has diverse global characteristics. We’re spread across the world, with hubs in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and speak 13 languages in the team. Despite this global reach, we strive to be work highly effectively together (the Chinese word for which, ‘yiqi’, is one of our team values!) and to constantly raise the performance bar. Expectations are high – you will find yourself amongst high achievers here – but so are humility levels.
  • Our customers love what we do and advocate our mission. We really care about their child’s development, providing them with the critical skills that they need to succeed in life. Parents praise us and children love us – with thousands of families around the world who have been customers for over three years.. Together, we’re only at the beginning of what we can achieve.
  • Our technology allows us to create innovative ways to teach the Lingumi children in new ways – we’re connecting children to teachers and lessons in a way that feels joyful and human, but at a fraction of the cost of real live teaching. The technology behind that is complex, but is going to change how young learners build their foundation in the skills that will change their lives. Quality education shouldn’t be the reserve of the elite, and we’re trying to build the technology to make that change..
  • Our investors and advisors range from Europe’s best VC’s, including Local Globe and ADV, to executives such as our board chair Michael O’Sullivan, former CEO of Cambridge Assessment and the British Council in China, and non-executive director Wanli Min, a former VP of Data Science at Alibaba Cloud

The benefits & drawbacks of working for Lingumi:

  • Freedom & responsibility: we treat everyone like the smart adults they are. That means unlimited holiday (because you know what it takes for you to recharge and perform), fewer rules and guidelines, but high expectations.
  • Impact that you feel: every day we see videos and learning outcomes from families around the world whose lives your work will be directly changing for the better.
  • Flexible and diverse team – we are spread around the world, work flexibly (with a focus on outcomes, not bums-on-seats), and work across timezones and cultures. That is more difficult than all being in the same room, and from the same background, so requires deliberate effort – but the benefits are much greater than the costs, if you commit to working effectively in that structure.
  • Offices in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shenzhen – with the chance to visit them if travel to Asia ever begins again!
    Meaningful ownership of the company through stock options, so we all own a piece of the upside if and when we sell or go public

If you share our vision of building for, inspiring, and empowering the world’s next generation of learners, apply to join our team today.