Zorp has a global user base who build thousands of mission critical applications. And the end products are used by people without much technical knowledge. The success of Zorp depends on building our products in a way that is so simple to use but can power extremely complex workflows across industries.

We are hiring a Design expert to lead the product experience for our customers.

## What you will do

– Work closely with the Founders, Product and Engineering teams at Zorp
– Take control of the overall branding of Zorp
– Work on the UI & UX aspects of Zorp platform across mobile, tablets and web
– Own the on product experience for Zorp customers

## What you will need

– A mindset to get your hands dirty understanding our global, diverse user base. You will be talking to customers. A LOT!
– A good eye for UI and UX design. Understanding what the product needs from our customer POV. We build products that just work.
– Hands on experience in designing customer facing applications in other startups at least for 3 years.

## What you will get

We believe if hiring smart people, given them the right direction and getting out of the way. Your growth in Zorp will only be limited by your abilities. If you’re on the right track, you should be leading a large function within Zorp in a few years.

– Work with some of the smartest people in the ecosystem in a small and tightly knit team
– Ownership over handling large impactful projects
– Work in a fast growing startup at a very early stage
– ESOPS and compensation on-par or better than market offering

## How to best prepare for this interview?

– Nothing speaks better than the work you have done. Prepare the portfolio to highlight your important work.
– A good understanding of the mental state of people across technical, non-technical and blue collar workers is important
– Understanding utility applications that are built for speed and reliability and dissecting them.

## The Interview Process

– Introductory call with @Bala Panneerselvam (20 mins)
– Detailed working session with @Bala Panneerselvam (1.5 hours)
– Follow up call with @Vivek DK (30 mins)
– Follow up call with @Subramanya Somayaji (30 mins)
– Closing call and offer (30 mins)

The entire process should take max 2 weeks subject to your availability.