Product Manager

Full-Time Anywhere

Proposify is looking for a Product Manager who is passionate about discovering, building and taking products to market that solve a valuable customer problem in a way that works for the business. As the Product Manager, you will report to the VP of Product and work closely with Product Design, Engineering, Data Science, Product Marketing and other functional teams to continuously improve our platform that empowers our customers to deliver winning proposals.

You will be working as part of an empowered cross-functional team focused on solving customer and/or business problems. You will work with your team to set Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) for the quarter, develop and test hypotheses that help you achieve the results, and ultimately deliver solutions that drive the desired outcomes.

Proposify is headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia; but this is a remote position and we are welcoming applications from across Canada.

What you’ll do and love doing:

  • Believe that most product ideas don’t succeed, so invest time in research, experimentation and iteration to quickly discover the ones that will!
  • Enjoy a healthy debate and actively seek opinions of people who think differently, so you can uncover your blindspots and discover a creative solution to customer problem.
  • Get excited about opportunities to interact with customers / users directly.
  • Invest energy to fall in love with the problem and ask “why?” questions until you get to the root cause.
  • Exercise great judgement to differentiate among decisions that should be made right now from those that need time or don’t need to be made at all.
  • Infinitely curious, your friends are not surprised you just watched a masterclass on rocket propulsion, you spent a weekend perfecting your Sous Vide cooking technique and figuring out the difference between mRNA and viral vector vaccines.
  • Have strategic chops to formulate a compelling vision and then roll-up your sleeves to turn it into reality.
  • Build strong relationships with your team recognizing & nurturing the strengths of each team member to achieve the extraordinary.

What we’ll love about you:

  • Extensive experience in customer and user research, regularly meeting with customers to do problem or solution discovery
  • Excellent audience-aware verbal and written communication & storytelling that is concise and impactful
  • Demonstrated ability to lead teams without direct authority, nurturing strategic alignment, creativity, deep understanding of the customer problems and resourceful solution design
  • Demonstrated ability to define and drive product outcomes
  • Experience with design, execution and analysis of experiments (e.g. A/B testing) is a big bonus
  • Good understanding of popular CRM systems such as Hubspot and Salesforce is a big bonus
  • 1-3 years of experience in tech product management (ideally in B2B SaaS with Product-Led Growth strategy) or equivalent
  • Previous experience managing AI-powered products is a bonus
  • Experience with SQL and/or other programming languages is an added advantage

What you’ll love about us:

While Proposify world headquarters is in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we are a 100% remote company with employees working from all over the world. We’ve invested in all of the systems and tools that make remote work enjoyable, productive, and connected.

People feel empowered to do their best work and test out ideas. They don’t just ask ‘Why?’ but try ‘Why not?’ We are a team that embraces the new, the maybe, the unknown because we know that’s where growth lies; just beyond our comfort zone, just beyond what the experts say, and way beyond the way- we’ve-always-done-things.

Everyone is a leader in their role and has the autonomy and responsibility to contribute, to change, and to challenge. We don’t care how many hours people work, we care about the quality and impact of their work.

We get shit done. We get shit done fast. We are not a static company; we are moving forward and continually evolving to make things better for our business and the businesses of our customers.

We have flex hours so employees can design their day to work when they’re most productive, and allow for time each day to spend with family and friends, take advantage of nice weather, focus on wellness, and pursue their hobbies and passions.

Some of our benefits include:

  • Company provided and paid health benefits from the day you start.
  • RRSP matching program from the day you start with no resting period.
  • 3 weeks of vacation to start; paid sick leave; personal days; company-wide end-of-year holiday break.
  • Brightpass (free online fitness and wellness courses).
  • One-time work-from-home stipend to help you set-up your home office