Senior Product Manager

The Role
As an online pure player in the art world, the Product is at the heart of our business.

After almost four years, and in the context of a growing tech team, we’re looking for a Senior Product Manager whose mission is to help us improve our Products while keeping our growth steady.

You will take leadership on one of our Squads (FIND, CURATE, BUY, SUPPLY), working closely with Product Design and Engineering to deliver value to our beloved customers and to internal stakeholders. You will be directly managed by our Head of Product.

Your main tasks will be to lead Discovery actions (user interviews, benchmarks, prototype tests…), prioritize the opportunities to takle (ideation, roadmap, …) and ensure good Delivery (assist engineers, QA…) – in the aim of delivering consistent value to drive growth and profitability for

The Responsibilities:

  • Taking part in the product strategy, setting a compelling vision for the Product and building the roadmap in relation with the company’s business objectives
  • Developing market-leading products that fit our users’ needs, finding new ideas through user research, market research, data analysis, discussions with stakeholders and peers, etc
  • Organize, evaluate and prioritize product opportunities
  • Identify and reduce the main risks (value, usability, faisability, viability) thanks to Discovery actions
  • Evaluating the impact of our features and get learnings for further development (AB tests, data analysis…)
  • Improving our user experience
  • Improving our efficiency
  • Keeping our standard high and our brand true to its DNA
  • Enhancing great comprehension of Product by operational teams, gathering ideas from them and train them to define their Product needs
  • Building knowledge of our Product and training other team members to better understand it

What we look for:

  • Obsession to deliver value to users while keeping business objectives in mind
  • Experience: you already have 5 years experience in a product management role, ideally gathered in a scale-up environment and/or e-commerce.
  • Spirit: you are a problem solver, looking for efficient solutions to the problems of our users. You are able to envision various solutions depending on the resources: quick-win fixes when needed, short-term solution for an A/B test, long-term features.
  • Data-driven: You define the priorities of the Product based on rationals
  • Communication: You have strong written and verbal communication skills with a talent for precisely understanding the needs of every stakeholder and not taking your interpretation as the truth
  • Collaborative: you work well with all kinds of personalities, and collaborate effectively with teams across multiple geographies
  • Driving outcomes: You know how to coordinate projects and bring them to life with strong attention to detail. You have strong organization skills.
  • Full professional proficiency in English (the tech team is French speaking but Singulart’s working language is English)


  • You’re fascinated by art
  • You’ve worked on a B2C e-commerce/marketplace

The Process:

  • 1st call with the HR
  • Use case
  • 1 interview with the Head of Product
  • 1 interview with one of our cofounders

Why us?

  • Location: Our office is located in Châtelet. You will work in the heart of Paris and easily access everything.
  • Diversity: 26 nationalities among 110 people. We celebrate it all year round with specific events dedicated to all the different cultures (Chinese New Year, Italian cooking lesson,..)!
  • And Parity: 64% of our employees are women! We also try to be more inclusive in our Tech Team by creating partnerships with 50inTech or Ada Tech School! For Women’s Rights Day, we dedicated an entire week to the subject with conferences and debates.
  • Remote Policy: We value your work life balance and therefore created an official charter. We propose 2 days remote and 3 days per week at the office. Why? Because we believe that it’s together that the magic happens but we also know that from time to time you need to be able to work without any disturbances. Concerning our Tech Team, they are fully remote!
  • Come as you are: We are not all Nirvana fans but we definitely believe that it’s through difference that we can grow so let’s start by being YOU!
  • Boost your career: In a hypergrowth environment things change so fast and everyone can propose initiatives and has the possibility of evolving rapidly.
  • Wellbeing at Work: Your wellbeing counts! We propose a Neoness program, fresh fruits twice a week, webinars on how to handle remote working or the mental workload or even piqueniques when the sun is shining!
  • Discover art with us: We provide different training on art throughout the year. We organize each year the visit of a specific museum: Fondation Cartier in 2019, Fondation Société Générale in 2020 and La Bourse du Commerce for 2021!
  • CSR: Let’s be honest, we are still at the beginning but we created our own internal group “The Climate Crew” and organized our first Earth Day! So if this topic is important to you and would like to contribute to the strategy, join us!