Product Manager

We’re looking for Product Managers at all levels to join our team and help us build one of the best, most innovative banks in the world.

Monzo is the lead challenger bank in the UK. In the last few years we’ve built a banking app with extremely high daily engagement and an NPS that’s consistently above 70. More than 10% of UK adults have a Monzo account.

Product Managers at Monzo enjoy tremendous scope and responsibility. Product Managers work at the core of multi-disciplinary teams that operate with autonomy and initiative to build and improve products that have demonstrable positive impact on our customers’ lives. PMs and their teams set big, ambitious goals and then have freedom to determine how to meet them.

As a PM you’ll work across a huge product area like Business Banking, Budgeting, Pots or our Core Personal Banking application. You’ll prioritize thoughtfully within that huge area so that we operate with the highest leverage and impact.


What you’ll do every day:

  • Develop our understanding of our users at a deep level, building a strategy to help them reduce anxiety over money and feel more in control of their finances
  • Work with a multidisciplinary team to find the best path to creating meaningful value for our customers while meeting our business objectives. This could involve building new features, improving existing features, or changing the way we work operationally and the non-software features we offer customers.
  • Work iteratively and collaboratively with design, engineering, research, legal, compliance and many others to refine your plan and execute against it effectively.
  • Build. Make changes. Ship. Fast, iteratively, and in control.
  • Track and monitor how we’re doing with core metrics for your area, and new ones you develop with the team for the work you’re doing. Iterate and improve on your work to hit our goals and create value for our customers.
    You’ll be an essential part of a cross-functional, flat team:
  • We believe great ideas come from everywhere, and that flat, autonomous teams produce the best outcomes for Monzo and our customers.
    In this respect you will:
  • Work closely with our Product Management, Engineering and Design communities to help define and deliver our product roadmap
  • Take ideas wherever they come from — our job is to do the best thing, not to come up with every idea or be right all the time. It’s to find the right answer and iterate fast.
  • Communicate clearly with your team and everyone at the company to continuously improve how you work together and ensure everyone is happy, productive, efficient and operating with our customers’ interests at our core
  • Spread your knowledge and experience and mentor other product managers while also continuously learning.


You should apply if:

  • You’ve shipped world-class products at a fast growing company.
  • You’re passionate about building value for customers and not just achieving business results.
  • You’re data driven, passionate about metrics, and intellectually honest about how your work is performing — and driven to continuously improve it.
  • You’re comfortable working in a deeply collaborative, highly technical team
  • You’re passionate about learning every day and sharing your knowledge and experience every day.
  • What we’re doing here at Monzo excites you!


Diversity and inclusion is a priority for us. If we want to solve problems for people in the UK and throughout the world our team has to look like our customers. This means we have to attract the best talent and create an environment which supports and includes them. Doing this is deeply important to us. You can read more about diversity and inclusion on our blog. And if you prefer to work part-time, from home, or as a job share we’ll make this happen wherever and whenever we can — whether this is to help you meet other commitments or strike a great work-life balance.