Open Source- Kubernetes Product Manager

Would you like to lead and drive an evolution of a product?
How about grow something from 0 to 1 and then to 5 in a safety of a well-funded Accelerator?

Are you passionate about building Software for Developers and have appreciation for open-source motion?

Then talk to us.

We maybe too early for you or too late depending on your level of seniority or ambitions. One thing for sure – we are unique.  We are a team of experienced operators committed to simplifying the Kubernetes Software tooling space, building products with some of the best software engineers.

What should you bring:

Success and experience in software product growth and deliveryDefine the product vision, own roadmap Organize / expand / prioritize the backlog accordingly
Plan releases and milestones
Ability to assess competition and find opportunities in a crowded space
Understand the market we are targeting (competitors, etc.)
Actively engage, seek feedback to ensure we are making users happy and capturing their needs and requests
Work with adjacent users/communities to understand needs/problems/opportunities we should target (Slack, Stackoverflow, Discord, Reddit, …)
Experience with early stage GTM in close alignment with Dev Advocacy, marketing, and engineering
Work with DevRel on out-reach and building our own community
Technical understanding of cloud-native applications, Kubernetes and distributed applications
Understanding and sensitivity to Open-source models

Strong User (Developer) Empathy
What would be great if you had:

Knowledge of Kubernetes and Cloud Native ecosystem
Prior experience with infrastructure, cloud, DevOps and IT operations Software
Involvement in an Open-Source community or a Linux foundation
Track record of working with remotely distributed teams
What’s in it for you:

An opportunity to drive, lead, create and fail safely, then repeat
Work with other likeminded people and teams all over the world
Learn, learn, learn
Look back a few years from now and be amazed at what you helped create: New Open-Source project(s) used by thousands of people, Commercial product used by many well-known Enterprises, meaningful value for Users and Investors

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