Senior Product Owner

As StreetTeam, we have already enjoyed success in the B2B software space, with hundreds of happy clients in festivals, music and sport using our software to drive ticket sales via their existing networks. We are now looking for an exceptional, experienced product owner to lead a startup within our startup, exploring the opportunity to build out an advocacy marketplace that matches brands with the most passionate micro-influencers in their industry.

In your first 12 months you will:

  • Execute the vision: Work alongside the CEO and CPO to build towards our vision for our Advocacy marketplace: connecting micro-influencers around the world with the top brands in the industries they love, turning them into brand advocates and allowing them to get rewarded for their advocacy.
  • Go from idea to MVP and beyond: You will build out an experiment framework, clearly articulating the assumptions and hypotheses that we need to test to arrive at the right marketplace product. You will use lean methods to validate these hypotheses and you will rapidly learn, iterate and improve.You will launch your first version in time to leverage the 2018 festival season and through this iteration process your product will get us to 50,000 tickets sold during the first 9 months post launch.
  • Demonstrate product leadership: You will inspire both your own team of developers and designers and the broader organisation with a clear vision for your product. You will communicate clearly using wireframes, specs and stories to help the team keep focussed on delivering value everyday. You will be laser focused on execution of your vision and build products we can all be proud of.
  • Become the voice of the advocate: You will engage our UX research and BI teams and conduct extensive hands on research of your own to deeply understand what makes our advocates tick. You will become an expert on every stage of the advocacy lifecycle from recruitment and motivation to retention.
  • Maximise advocate value: You will have a laser focus on scaling advocacy, maximising the value of a single advocate both within and across campaigns.
  • Product marketing: You will market your product effectively, both internally across our organisation, and externally to support our sales teams. You will help our client success teams to onboard and retain our clients within the marketplace.
  • Grow your product: You will seek out ways for us to scale marketplace demand from an initial hand selected group of 500 advocates, to 5000 advocates, whilst keeping a tight lid on marketing spend and ROI.
  • Build a team: You will work with senior leadership to build a technology talent brand. Once you have found the recipe for success in marketplace you will build out the product team needed to iterate, extend and maintain the Marketplace product into the next decade.

You must have:

  • At least 5 years experience in a product ownership role
  • Taken a product from idea to launch
  • Experience in a fast-paced early stage startup environment

Expected salary range: £65-75k plus equity and unmetered holiday.