Hemisphere Product Manager, Rare Recruitment Limited

Reporting to Product Director

£42,000-£60,000 depending on experience

Candidates must be based in the UK with the right to work in the UK


We do amazing things. We’re changing who gets hired and how. We’re helping organisations to be smarter, to look not just at someone’s achievements, but at the context in which those achievements occurred. We’re helping employers look more like the communities they serve.

We use a data driven approach to build digital products to ensure our clients hire the best graduates, from diverse backgrounds. And what we do works. Over 120 blue chip employers use our products. We have contextualised over 1.4 million job applications. Our contextualised recruitment system increases hires from disadvantaged backgrounds by over 50%.

We have had no external investment. We have bootstrapped our way to growth and profitability.

70% of our team come from ethnic minority backgrounds. 50% are female.

We are based in London. Remote work is possible.



A year ago we launched our Hemisphere anti-bias software. It has the potential to revolutionise the way we think about and combat bias.  It’s the result of five years’ research and development, collaboration with clients, and experts in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and sociology. And we have early evidence that it works.


We want Hemisphere to be used by all our clients, and we also want to produce versions for other industries – education, criminal justice, healthcare. That would mean roughly a 20-fold expansion in the next three years.


Hemisphere is now live with about a dozen elite graduate employers. It’s still in the very early stages of adoption. It needs ownership, and it needs to grow at least twentyfold.



You’re the person to do that. You are clever to very clever (very clever is a better fit), conscientious and agreeable. You’ve got at least a couple of years’ Product experience. You’ve either got a good knowledge of learning or training software, or of the HR SaaS market, or you’re so brilliant in every other way that you make us forget that we really think we need market knowledge. You are passionate about racial equality and socioeconomic justice.


The challenge

You need to be, or rapidly to become, an expert on the platform and the customer. You need to deliver the following outcomes:

–          Improvement in user satisfaction from 80% to 95%

–          Improvement in completion rate from 79% to 98%

The main issue here is that the user experience is uneven – the slicker and more enjoyable it is to complete the product, the lower the drop-off rate will be.

–          Establishment of a link between Hemisphere completion and reduction in organisational bias

–          Establishment of a template/commercial model for expansion to other industries


The job

You’ll have sole ownership and accountability for Hemisphere, reporting to our Product Director. Be warned that our Founder and MD also takes a very close interest in this product and will certainly offer robust opinions. Initially you will work with our team of four developers and an Analyst. Later there is scope for a dedicated developer.



We’re nimble, flexible, and fun. People like working at Rare. We keep winning awards.

We’re solid. No VC backing – Founder-owned. You get paid every month for sure. Ain’t no one going bust round here.

You care. We want race equality. You like that idea. You come join us.

You want 100% product ownership. You’ll get that.

Speed. You want to move fast. So do we.

Influence. We’re small. You’ll have access to the MD and the other directors. Senior people listen to smart junior people here.

Diversity. Whatever your background, you’ll be included and you’ll feel comfortable. Because we don’t have a type (except for clever. Did I mention clever would really help?)


The boring bit – job specification

·         Own Hemisphere roadmap

·         Manage new content creation for Hemisphere

·         Communicate with the business and stakeholders at a detailed level to manage the product development process

·         Get feedback from users to improve Hemisphere performance and enhance its features, including organising and running user forums

·         Maintain a network of people who use our software and competing products, and gaining market intelligence from them

·         Design new features, including writing user stories

·         Solve bugs as they occur

·         Test prior to releases

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