Senior Product Manager

Full-Time USA

Slack is looking for a Senior Product Manager on our Activation team. This person will join the team responsible for helping the 1M+ teams that start using Slack every year successfully get off the ground, across our $1B+ run-rate Self-Service and Enterprise businesses. The Activation team owns the entire new customer and new user journey across every platform (web, desktop, and mobile), from landing on through sign-up, onboarding and the entire first month experience. It is scaling rapidly, with the amount of new paid teams added doubling year-over-year. This is critical to Slack’s overall business as nearly every new company that starts using Slack begins with bottoms-up adoption.


We know every team wants to move faster, get aligned, and feel connected – from the Fortune 500 to the Fortune 500,000. These needs are becoming even more pronounced as digital transformation accelerates to keep up with the world’s all-at-once shift to distributed work. Covid is compressing a decade-long shift into a year. Hundreds of millions of people are looking for new tools to help make their teams more productive and happier as they dive into this digital-first future. Our CEO has always believed that the hardest part of growing Slack is for people to quickly see the value of working in this new channel-based paradigm and that’s the core focus of this group.


We are looking for a product manager who can continuously up-level our new team and user journeys. This role is perfect for someone who cares deeply about the end to end user experience, sweating the details so that our users have a delightful experience when joining Slack. This person is customer centric and hypothesis driven in their work, making strategic bets that meaningfully make a difference in our users lives. They should have an ownership mentality for driving impact, be data-informed to find insights, and prioritize learning quickly to deliver value to our customers. As hundreds of millions of people are moving seemingly overnight to work in this new hybrid remote world, this area’s critical mission is to build product experiences that make the working lives of people using Slack for the first time simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.


Slack has a positive, diverse, and supportive culture—we look for people who are curious, inventive, and work to be a little better every single day. In our work together we aim to be smart, humble, hardworking and, above all, collaborative. If this sounds like a good fit for you, why not say hello?