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Product Manager – The future of data management 
Do you envision yourself on a super exiting journey with a company that aims to be among the best and most innovative software companies in the world? Do you have a burning desire to make a difference for people through software and automation and are you driven by purpose and vision?

Then read on – we might be the perfect match

You can build your data estate as if it was 1999. You can. But you don’t have to! 

In TimeXtender we are driven by a unique product vision for the future of data management. We love to listen to our partners and customers, but we also know that to make the biggest impact in the world, we must exceed what people thought possible in their wildest dreams. We push the boundaries, develop cutting edge technology, while we inspire and educate our partners and customers to work in different ways. Only if the technology and the process are merging, we will see the true impact.

We are driven by a strong vision from our founder around how decupling the modelling of data flows and data estates from the underlying technology will make all customers future proof, move automation to the next level and help solve for the scarce resources of data engineers.

We believe in agile, not for the sake of the process but to deliver maximum impact. Once engineering gets into the weeds they love their light version of SCRUM, but when it comes to product management and design, we work based on defining what the business outcome is, how it should look and feel and sometimes high-level what technologies are relevant. From there we believe in empowering the engineering squads to then take it from there. Often with lots of back and forth as to shape final solution, as we are in constant learning mode on how to find the balance between detailed documentation and empowering the engineering squads the most.

Your role as Product Manager
You will work directly with our founder on the continuing shaping of the vision, engage actively with our partners and customers to understand the issues they have in becoming more efficient and translate it all to functionality in the data estate builder. You will also be a central part of researching into how our strong vision of how multi cloud ideally should work for all customers (which includes that re-work to move between clouds should be a thing of the past!) can come through.

We believe in a writing first approach, so a central part of the work will be to write up the product discovery memos, as to shape the solution to the desired output and to have an efficient way to communicate and refine with both internal and external stakeholders. The benefit of working this way is that you work on your own schedule however we also truly believe that writing forces the deeper reflections that leads to better products.

We are looking for you if you:  

  • Master the magic of translating business strategy into product strategy
  • Have strong technical and BI/DW skills to drive the product areas forward
  • Keep a constant focus on building long-lasting win-win relationships with our important partners and customers
  • Excel in your communication and writing skills
  • Are blessed with a curious mind and consider yourself a fast learner when it comes to understanding new technology and new innovative ways of working
  • Are self-driven and understand the value of working in remote teams
  • Potentially have experience with product management, product discovery and shaping will all be a plus.

We offer:  

  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join an ambitious, global, hyper-growth company that seeks to make a real impact on the world with our core purpose of “Empowering the world with data, mind and heart. Because time matters.”
  • The opportunity to grow your professional and personal skills in a unique and innovative culture
  • We work as a fully distributed organization with satellite offices around the world. We measure on output and we don’t count hours. We trust Xpeople to find the right work-life balance
  • We network and have fun online, as well as we meetup on a regular basis, because we love spending time with all Xpeople
  • You will become part of a talented group of diverse, curious, and passionate colleagues around the world.
  • A salary based on market value, a health insurance, and a beneficial pension scheme
  • Company supplied laptop, monitor etc. and reimbursement of phone and internet cost. To help Xpeople to have an optimal home office setup, we let you expense up to a 1.000 usd for whatever improvement targeting your wellbeing are relevant.

About TimeXtender and the Xpeople 

At TimeXtender, everything we do is 100% driven by our core purpose “Empower the world with data, mind and heart”

We believe in simplify, automate, and execute and we always engage fully charged, because time matters.
We have been on a mission since 2006, to automate the work around data estates with our market leading data estate builder platform. We are 100% partner driven, and we are happy to help our partners deliver cutting edge data estates to more than 3000 companies in 95 countries.

We are a fully distributed organization, with Xpeople coming from more than 10 nationalities working across 9 time zones. We have a few satellite offices for co-creation and socializing, but our focus is always to find the best possible talent around the world to join the Xpeople.

TimeXtender is a privately held company founded in 2006, currently experiencing a hyper-growth phase. We attract talent from all over the world and operate as a fully distributed organization with satellite offices and our HQ in the cloud. We embrace remote work across 9 different time zones.

Just because we are a market leader in data estate builders, and are experiencing rapid growth, we never relax our ambitions. We work based on our 2X philosophy where all we are doing need to double rolling four quarters. This keeps us on our toes and guides our decisions to become 100x bigger in the next 10 years.

We believe in autonomy and empowering the Xpeople, that all work in a Circle organization with no managers and hierarchies. All to foster innovation and execution power to drive us all fast forward.

We can’t wait to hear from you! 

Please reach out to Louise Doherty Christensen with your questions
ldohertychristensen@timextender.com or phone +45 24606669.
Location: Remote – Europe

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