Principal Product Manager

Full-Time London Salary: From £80,000 + Equity

The Mission:

Wagestream is the global leader in Earned Wage Access (EWA). We provide an income streaming solution for employers to give employees instant access to their earnings, and prevent them ever having to go into debt between pay cycles.

Our mission is to provide fair financial services to all and our technology has started to create a whole new category; the workplace bank.

We were founded for a social purpose to reduce the poverty premium. We believe the monthly pay cycle is fundamentally broken and unfair to employees, and that we can fix it. We know financial services are better served through the employer, and have built a set of tools [track, stream, save, learn], that boost the financial resilience of a workforce and have a measurable and proven impact on employee retention and productivity.

We love our clients and do everything we can to support them. We already help 750,000 employees worldwide access their income when they need it, across some of the largest organisations in the UK, Spain, Australia and USA including The White Company, The Co-Op, The NHS, Bupa, and Rentokil.

The Opportunity:

Wagestream has big ambitions to build a financial super-app for frontline workers. Our Product team is looking for a Lead / Principal Product Manager to own the experience and optimisation of our app.

You’ll be reaching into your product toolbox and using data, user research, A/B tests and tight feedback loops to optimise the user experience and funnel metrics for our app. Then – through a combination of discovery work, market research, and technical exploration – you’ll help us to deliver a step-change in app and feature engagement.

This will mean understanding and navigating how different features interact with each other to deliver the best experience for different types of users, and that also contributes to reaching company growth goals.

The Team:

The Product team at Wagestream is small but growing, and you’ll be working closely with Product peers who have exceptional talent. We’re organised into three sub-teams:

  • Product Strategy – tasked with figuring out what new products we build and how we make it happen, particularly around unblocking sticky regulatory challenges
  • Product Experience & Optimisation – tasked with making sure that whatever is in our users hands delivers an awesome experience, constantly analysing the data to improve funnel metrics
  • Product Development – owns the rolling 30 day roadmap and makes sure that our engineering team are always allocating time on the most important business challenges

We partner incredibly closely with the engineering team and run shared rituals together such as stand up and weekly planning.

Our RevOps team will be your go-to for getting deep data insight into our users’ lives, and you’ll also work collaboratively with all our customer-facing teams including sales, marketing, customer support and client success. Each team has a wealth of knowledge and a particular perspective to bring to bear on how and why we need to deliver fair financial services.

What will you be doing?:

We’ll give you a pretty wide brief and will expect you to be self-guided in deciding how to approach it. The fundamental challenge being how to increase adoption and usage of the Wagestream app using data-driven experimentation.

This means:

  • Getting to know your Wagestream colleagues and reaching out for fact-finding sessions to learn what’s already been done, and any of their particular pain points
  • Exploring confluence documentation to learn about prior efforts and how they panned out
  • Getting into the data and asking lots of questions so you know what’s being measured, what it means, and where there are some obvious weak points
  • Talking to our users! Getting a grasp on previous work around demographics, personas and other methods to understand our users, plus speaking to them directly to learn what they love (and don’t love) about Wagestream
  • Joining the client success team on calls with customers to learn their wants and needs first hand
  • Coming up with a hypothesis for what to change, and pitching a series of A/B tests to figure it out
  • Partnering with design & engineering to shape the next iteration for building, and getting changes shipped quickly so we can measure results

What experience might you have?


  • Solid experience as a senior product manager, where you’ve had overall accountability for the commercial success of an entire product or product line
  • Experience setting up funnels and analysing app data, and then using this data to craft a hypothesis for what to change next
  • User research – you’re confident speaking to customers and partners and have experience running surveys, talking to users, and gathering insight using a wealth of methods


As long as you come with solid product management experience in a consumer-facing field, almost anything else can be learned on the job. You’ll be supported by a team who have excellent domain knowledge, so please do apply even if you’re new to fintech or financial services.

We’re also happy to support you in developing your coaching and mentoring skills. This role is for an individual contributor, but we’d love to see you quickly grow into a team lead.

Within 1 month you’ll have:

  • Developed expert-level knowledge about Wagestream users – who they are, what they need, why they use Wagestream, and their biggest unsolved problems
  • Met and spoken with colleagues in every team to understand their biggest unsolved problems and how they can be tackled from a Product point of view
  • Identified and ranked the key challenges that will form the basis of a medium-term roadmap
  • Formed a small hypothesis about what to change first and why, and partnered with design and engineering to scope and ship your first A/B tests

Within 3 months you’ll have:

  • Mapped out the app information architecture that gives users the best experience
  • Pitched a quarterly roadmap and achieved buy in from your main stakeholders
  • Run around half a dozen A/B tests and made a significant impact on at least one part of the funnel
  • Created a rich picture of our users, and developed a toolkit to help others across the business to get a much deeper understanding
  • Partnered with RevOps to set up the data and dashboards you need to monitor for leading indicators of success

Within 6 months you’ll have:

Demonstrated that Wagestream can deliver a portfolio of financial services to our users, with each contributing to an uplift in ARPU

– We will pay you what you’re worth. We are fully committed to closing the gender pay gap, promoting diversity and inclusivity, and paying people what they deserve to be paid.
– We’re a Remote First business – work from home or our London office – you choose! We have team members everywhere, from Cornwall to Glasgow – we place an emphasis on finding the right people in any location, not any people in the right location. We only ask that you try to spend around 20% of your month having face to face time in our state of the art London Office, but that can be any way you want: 1 day a week, 2 days a fortnight etc – you choose.
– We will help you manage your busy lifestyle with flexible working opportunities, most of the team work “core hours” to allow touch-points with your team, but we also make sure you have the time to pick the kids up at 3pm, or go for that mid-morning run to boost your productivity. We want you to have the best of both worlds.
– We offer 25 days annual leave in addition to public holidays (up to 5 day rollover), as well as flexible time off allowances for any ad-hoc childcare/family/caring needs.
– We offer 12 weeks paid maternity leave and up to 4 weeks paid paternity leave for employees with over 12 months service.
– We will support you with your career endeavours. We are committed to internal progression, and offering our team members the best opportunities for growth. We want to invest in you the same way you’re going to invest in us!
– We want you to invest in your future too, so we have a pension with Aviva.
– If you love cycling as much as we do, keep yourself physically fit with our Evans Cycles Ride to Work scheme.
– And after a long weeks work, join us in undoing it all – with membership to The Wine Society. (They also do gin and beer!)
– We want everyone to achieve “zen mastery” with a free subscription to Calm — work can be stressful and we want to help you switch off.
– Or, for those moments when you need something more than meditation, we have a Mental Health Support Service that all our employees can use called Spill – support when you need it, where you need it.
– And the best benefit of all… Free access to Wagestream service

Salary: From £80k with equity

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