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Full-Time Remote Closes: 2022-01-03

Kooth is a fast growing business with a social purpose. Listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE:KOO), our mission is to provide welcoming and effective digital mental health support to the nation.

Working in partnership with the NHS, we are already the UK’s largest digital mental health platform for young people aged 10-25. 5,000 people use Kooth every day. We are now rapidly expanding into supporting the NHS adult population, providing corporate solutions to help build mentally healthy businesses, and expanding internationally.

We are looking for a senior product manager to join our growing team to help us build the future of personalised digital mental health care, one where we use the collective insight from the 1 million hours of professional support we have provided to guide people to self-help, community-support, and professional help that matches their wants, needs, and goals in life.

Product @ Kooth

To deliver clinically-effective mental health care at scale, product @ Kooth is a highly collaborative and cross-functional, working with teams across Kooth spanning clinical, practitioners, commercial, participation, research, and the Kooth leadership team. Our approach is to de-medicalise access to mental health support; working with our user experience and design team to deliver a welcoming and engaging service for users, based on a foundation of clinical excellence and evidence.

To deliver on this, we are strong believers in the idea that you can’t buy a single methodology and apply it wholesale, and so our Product development process at Kooth is a blend of different methodologies and approaches:

Our direction is guided by our vision and cross-functional team OKRs.

We use elements of Basecamp’s ‘ShapeUp’ approach to ensure we ship with a degree of predictability without needing to commit to false deadlines, and to enable teams to have the space to focus on a problem.We run inception weeks and design sprints so that we all start from the same place.

Our product discovery is a collaborative, cross-functional exercise, to ensure that we involve the right voices in the process (including our users), and aren’t just handing “requirements” from one team to another. We take an experimental and hypothesis-driven approach to development.

We organise ourselves into ‘squads’, creating fluid teams spanning product, research, design, and engineering that match the objectives we are focused on within a quarters

Your role

Our Product managers play a number of different roles, but ultimately are responsible for guiding the direction of the vision and product (build the right thing) and ensuring that what we build delivers the desired outcomes (build it right with measurable impact).

Some of the key things you’ll be doing in this role:

  • You will be leading one of our product squads, working closely with our engineering, experience and design colleagues to build, ship and learn from product changes.
  • You’ll own a problem or business challenge/question (not a list of requirements), with autonomy to explore and define the vision and expected impact of change.
  • You will run product discovery activities and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders from across the organisation to better understand the problem space.
  • Delve into the data and user journeys to identify areas of opportunity for improvements, optimisation, user goals, and measure the impact of changes we make.
  • Collaboratively design solutions aligned to OKRs.

Key things we’re looking for

  • Experience in creating engaging, consumer-facing products and services, with an understanding of the role that data, research, optimisation, and data-science plays in helping us understand, improve, and measure the impact of changes.
  • Experience of collaboratively building products in complex spaces, ideally with distributed / remote teams.
  • Comfortable with uncertainty, navigating shifting priorities and focus, able to guide a team and stakeholders through complex problem spaces, helping them to consider trade-offs to make a decision.
  • Able to sift through and draw insights from qualitative and quantitative data sets, and experience of using data to drive decision-making.
  • Working with a variety of different product development frameworks, and ideally a familiarity with the lean methodology, hypothesis-driven development.
  • Experience of designing, running and analysing product experiments.
  • A good understanding of the different disciplines involved in product development, and an ability to collaborate with engineers, designers and UX folks.
  • Experience working with data-science teams to build data-driven products is desirable.
  • Experience of product discovery, whether that’s the different forms of user research, desk research, facilitating and leading workshops, or anything else.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset; you are a critical and creative thinker. “No sacred cows” approach to deliver a 10x impact, not 10% impact.
  • You are curious, and good at asking the right questions to formulate solutions.
  • You have experience of helping people get to understanding the root problem, rather than just running with an idea.

Our pitch to you: Why build your product career at Kooth?

5 ways you will advance your career and master your craft at Kooth:

Make an impact by tackling one of the world’s biggest problems: 1-in-5 people every year needs support for their mental health. The opportunity to make a meaningful impact into the lives of millions of people is at Kooth. ‘Tech for Good’ is hugely satisfying.

Master your craft in blending user-needs + data-driven product management. Be part of our journey to AI: With 4,000 people/day coming to Kooth, our service generates an abundance of data into the journeys that users take through our service. You’ll master how to balance user-need driven product management with data-driven improvements. Plus, join us as we start our journey into AI and applied data science to deliver personalised support for all.

Learn from a blended B2C and B2B environment: We have a B2B2C business model. Our service is funded by the NHS, corporates, and insurers, offering a free-at-point-of use service for end-users. You’ll expand your experience into working ‘both sides of the house’.

Deliver innovations that advance the industry: As a pioneer in digital mental health care, we are innovating in new ways to support individuals, not just ‘zoomifying access to a counsellor’. Join Kooth and our research team will work with you and academia to demonstrate the impact of the work we do, advancing the state of the art in digital healthcare (see for work we’ve already done)

Be part of a small but mighty product team to help shape the future of Kooth: On the back of our IPO, we have funding to invest and grow our product and tech team. You’ll be joining a growing business with a solid foundation, cash in the bank, and a stock grant in a PLC that is real and visible (compared to hypothetical VC option grant valuations).

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