Product Manager: Partnerships

We’re looking for product managers to own entire product categories within partnerships, such as energy, savings and investments, insurance etc. by building deep integrations with partners to drive value to our users and generate revenue for Monzo.

Our mission is to build the best bank on the planet and we believe the bank of the future will be a marketplace.  Our mission in partnerships is to realise this vision and build a financial control centre for a billion people.  We are right at the beginning of this journey and you have the opportunity to join us at this exciting early stage.

We are striving to build experiences within the Monzo app that help people save money or make the most of their money in a really relevant and convenient way, while also making money for Monzo so we can build a sustainable business that is aligned with the incentives of our customers.  For example, 65% of people in the UK are on standard variable energy tariffs, so are likely overpaying for their energy bills.  We should be able to identify who is likely overpaying by looking at the data we have such as their energy direct debits, and then create a one-click experience in the Monzo app to enable people to switch energy providers in 10 seconds.  And we want to do this for all product categories where we can add value to our users to help them better manage and make the most of their money.

As a Product Manager, you’ll be responsible for making these experiences a reality.  You’ll need to research a category (such as energy) in depth to understand it, identify the right partners to work with, build relationships with them, negotiate a commercial agreement, design the experience alongside our design team, work with our engineering team to build and launch a minimal viable product, analyze the results of each test and iterate on the experience towards a final product that we can scale.

Day-to-day you’ll be:

  • Building a relationship with new partners: identifying who would be a great partner for us, understanding their goals and incentives and how we are aligned
  • Working with legal and the partner to craft and draft contracts and agree mutually favourable commercials
  • Working with our designers, engineers and the partner to create a minimal viable product with defined hypotheses to validate and work towards a final product
  • Ensuring we capture the right data for each test and analyzing the results to learn and determine next steps
  • Conducting user experience sessions, follow-up customer calls, initiating forum threads etc. to gather qualitative user feedback
  • Analysing data we have, industry trends, data available from the market and specific partners etc. to form a strategic view on which partners and product experiences to work towards
  • Coordinating cross-functionally to ensure all stakeholders (e.g. customer support, community, legal / compliance / risk, product) are kept informed and their input is solicited when relevant

You’ll be creating magical experiences for our customers that will make a difference to their lives, whilst also generating revenue for Monzo so we can accelerate our efforts to achieve our mission of building the best bank on the planet.

You should apply if:

  • You are great at communicating and fostering relationships
  • You are product-oriented, commercially-minded and user-focused
  • You have strong analytical skills and delight in making product decisions based on data and user interviews
  • You are a clear strategic thinker
  • You are highly organised and can manage your time and priorities well


Salary and stock options for this role will be dependent on experience and expected scope of contribution: around £45k for someone with some experience in a product, partnership or relevant consultancy role, and up to £60k for someone who has owned a product end-to-end and has strong client-facing experience.

Work will generally be on-site in our office in London, UK, where you’ll join a small hand-picked team of software engineers, designers, product people, and banking experts on a mission to change consumer financial services forever.